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Life: Monthly Summary November

November 29, 2015

  • We started the month in Lincoln having a family Halloween Party. I dressed up as a Skeleton which was very fun - the dogs didn't recognise me at all so had to quickly reassure them that it was me!
  • Working hard! The office is always crazy busy in November and December so it's been full on. 
  • Watching the Blackheath Fireworks (they were amazing) and then visiting our friend's lovely new flat nearby.
  • Having my cousin, her boyfriend and 14 month old baby to stay for a couple of days which was lovely, and also very odd to have a baby in our house!
  • Having a couple of super lazy weekends where I caught up on blogging and watched lots of films, music channels and episodes of Friends.
  • Spending another weekend in Lincoln as Chris was in Oxford with friends and I didn't fancy a weekend home alone - I had a lovely time with the family.
  • Celebrating Chris' 29th birthday which is this weekend!

  • I haven't been very good with reading this month so the only read to mention is the November issue (technically December) of Glamour magazine with Tanya Burr on the front. It's a brilliant read - so many interesting articles! Still love a good old glossy.
  • I'm a Celeb - it's back! Hooray! I love Ant & Dec and they just make the whole show. I am really enjoying this series.
  • I don't often watch films but I had a couple of nights on my own so watched The Notebook (favourite film ever) and The Age of Adaline. I thought The Age of Adaline was OK. It didn't really hold my interest.

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  1. Sounds like you had a fab month :-)


Thank you for the comment! x