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Life: A Picture to Celebrate Nine Years

December 27, 2015

Chris and I have just celebrated nine years together - nine! We got together at the oh so young age of 19 and although it feels like a very long time ago,  I can't quite believe it's been so many years.

To mark almost a decade together I ordered this print from a lovely artist called Kayleigh - KavonIllustration on Etsy. She created a wonderful portrait of my brother's girlfriend Georgina (it's her as a Disney Princess- so cute!) and I wanted one for myself!

We simply sent Kayleigh a few pictures of ourselves and she worked her magic and made it into this beauty. I love it!

1 comment on "Life: A Picture to Celebrate Nine Years"
  1. Happy anniversary! That illustration is SO cute. Think I might need to order one myself :)


Thank you for the comment! x