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Life: 5 Ways to Keep Positive

July 17, 2016

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I have always been a glass full kind of girl. I find that having a positive mental outlook helps me so much with dealing with difficult situations. I am a worrier though and like to stress out about the smallest of things- luckily Chris doesn't worry about anything and has a very straightforward outlook on a situation which helps me. He said today that if someone asked us to drive from A to b in a straight line he would go straight there and I would go all around the houses. A very accurate description of us!

Anyway, here are five things that I do to keep myself feeling positive:

1) Always look at the bigger picture. This is a big one for me - sometimes I will worry about the smallest thing and I have to remind myself that it really isn't a big deal. It's good to take a step back and ask whether I will be thinking about this a year from now, and also to think about how in the grand scheme of things my life is so teeny tiny in comparison to this huge, amazing world that we live in. It sounds strange but I like to look at these images from the Hubble Telescope as they are amazing, and just show how small we all are. If something small goes wrong at work does it really really matter? 

2) Appreciate the little things. Life has lots of big moments, but so many more smaller moments which make it happy and wonderful. It's important not to focus to much on the next big life thing and to really appreciate a weekend away with friends, a hot bath after a long day or those times when you laugh so much you cry. 

3) Appreciate your life in general. I remember listening to a TED talk which looked at happiness and said that if you appreciate your life, rather than look at the negatives you will feel so much more content. It sounds simple and it really works. Every day I feel thankful for my life and feel so fortunate to be happy, healthy and to have loving family and friends. I really try not to take my life for granted.

4) Learn what makes you happy, and do it again and again. I've realised over the past couple of years that hanging out with my family and spending time with my lovely friends makes me so happy - and so I make sure I do this as much as possible. I think that's why we've been to Florida so much- it's guaranteed happiness so why wouldn't you do it as much as you can?! The beauty of being in my late twenties is that I've realised what is really important! 

5) Take care of yourself. It's so important to look after yourself and to take time to make sure you're doing ok. I like seeing friends and having evenings out but I also need a few nights a week where I just stay in and 'recharge'. It's ok to say no to stuff.

Life: Blogging in 2010

July 13, 2016

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I was feeling a little nostalgic yesterday and started thinking back to when I started blogging in 2009/2010. This led to me reading lots of my old posts and it's so funny to see how much it's changed. From being a relatively small blogging community in 2010, it has grown into a huge blogging beast where every blog features slick photos, word perfect copy and magazine style content. It's amazing to see how far it's come.

Here are a few things that defined the blogging world in 2010;

1) OOTDs, FOTDs, even EOTDs were everywhere. I still see them pop up occasionally but in 2010 they were a posting staple. A classic FOTD from me here complete with sweeping side fringe and a giveaway selfie arm.

2) Clothing hauls consisted of quick snaps of the clothes on a hanger on the back of a door. It didn't even matter if the clothes were crumpled! See this post for a very embarrassing H&M haul (the photo of the creased blue dress haunts me).

3) Blog sales were an excellent way to free up your makeup stash although it was a big drama if someone was seen to be selling their PR freebies.

4) Blogging events were a whole different ball game. These days they are a well oiled machine and you attend to learn about the product which will then be featured on your blog. Back in 2010 you posted in great detail about the whole day; meeting a group of bloggers beforehand, drinking cocktails as you listened to the intros, having a hot guy serve the canap├ęs, making cupcakes (or whatever interactive activity had been lined up) and going to Pizza Express after the event. And obviously you shared all of your amazing goody bag contents. Here was my take on one of the early Body Shop events - see how many bloggers you can spot! 

5) Tags and blog awards. Who remembers the Liebster Blog Award?!

6) Outfit photos were taken quickly and weren't very thought out. Mine were usually taken in our tiny flat living room with bad lighting and no awareness of the mess surrounding me. None of this fashion shoot-esque malarky. This has to be my favourite - bins in the background, a glass of wine on the floor and my jacket in a crumpled mess on the chair!

7) And beauty photos weren't any better; blurry, full of shadows and always with a slightly yellow tone.

8) To be honest in general, blog photos were pretty special in the 2010 days. Rounding the edges and adding swirly text to them was a favourite of mine. And obviously they were obviously all different sizes.

9) Swatches, swatches, swatches!

10) All of the comments! Whereas engagement with posts is now more about views and tweets, in 2010 it was all about the comments chat.

11) Giveaways were all the rage

12) The products which got everyone hyped up were not the glamorous, super expensive Becca highlighters or Oskia cleansers but Barry M crackle nail polishes and the much loved GOSH Darling lipstick.

Beauty: Current Favourites

July 10, 2016

Happy Sunday everyone! I am having a lovely chilled weekend although my sunbathing plans were scuppered thanks to the weather forecast not being so accurate - boo. Anyway, I haven't shared my favourite beauty products in a while so here is what I'm loving at the moment;

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gelthe hype around this product is true. It's an amazing cleanser. It removes make-up easily and leaves my skin feeling so super soft. Unfortunately (for my bank balance) I think I'll be re-purchasing this for a long time. £29.50 here

Vichy Dermablend Foundation - this is the foundation I've been using every day without fail. It's a very full coverage but makes my skin look so flawless. It lasts all day long and doesn't need any retouching. This shade (25 Nude) is perfect for my summer skin tone too. £18 here.

Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara - I actually stole this mascara from my sister's make-up stash as I tried it and loved it. It gives my lashes so much lift and makes them super black and glossy. The only negative is that it's quite tricky to remove. £7.99 here.

Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Pink Souffle - this is such a beautiful lip colour and so easy to apply. It's a creamy formula which doesn't leave your lips feeling really dry (like a lot of lip stains). Really need to buy more of these! $14 here.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer - I am a huge fan of the Bourjois Healthy Mix range and this hasn't disappointed. I've been using it under my eyes and on blemishes and it works a treat. It also smells gorgeous! £7.99 here.

Becca Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop - this is another product that I've been using every day without fail. It gives the most perfect glowy peachy highlight and lasts all day. £32 here.

Beauty: 8 steps to a DIY facial

July 07, 2016

I love having a facial, but sadly don't have half as many as I'd like (oh to have one every week) so doing a DIY at-home facial is the next best thing. I often have pamper nights where I put on face masks and have a bath, but it's sometimes nice to do a 'proper' step by step facial. Here is my how-to guide. Enjoy!

1. Remove your make-up, if you are wearing it.

2. Get a flannel, run it under warm water and wring out. Place over your face for a couple of minutes to open up your pores.

3. Cleanse your face thoroughly, by massaging it into your skin with small circular motions. Rinse off with warm water (never use really hot water as it will agitate skin). Do a double cleanse if you fancy it! 

4. Massage an exfoliator gently into your skin.

5. Fill a bowl with boiling water and hold your face over the steam, holding a towel over your head to keep the steam directed to your skin. This will open your pores and get your skin prepped for your face mask.

6. Apply a face mask of your choice (I always go for a clay mask when doing a facial) and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing off.

7. Use a toner, and then finish off your facial with your favourite moisturiser

Life: Monthly Summary June

July 03, 2016


  • The month started in Marbella for my friend Lucy's hen do. We had a great few days enjoying the sunshine and all of the usual hen do activities!
  • Booking our wedding venue! The date has been set and the photographer booked - it's all very exciting. I will include all of the details in a wedding planning post soon.
  • Going to The Elysee for my friend's 30th. There was greek food, live entertainment and plate smashing! We had a brilliant evening.
  • Visiting Lincoln to celebrate my sister's birthday. We had a lovely day and went to Wagamama for dinner - we always love a Wagas!
  • We've finished the current series of Game of Thrones and oh my goodness, the last two episodes were just incredible. I feel I need to watch them again to appreciate every second!
  • Love Island. Yes it's absolute trash but so addictive and it's on every night. I don't know what I'll do when it comes to an end.