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Life: Blogging in 2010

July 13, 2016

Photo from Unsplash

I was feeling a little nostalgic yesterday and started thinking back to when I started blogging in 2009/2010. This led to me reading lots of my old posts and it's so funny to see how much it's changed. From being a relatively small blogging community in 2010, it has grown into a huge blogging beast where every blog features slick photos, word perfect copy and magazine style content. It's amazing to see how far it's come.

Here are a few things that defined the blogging world in 2010;

1) OOTDs, FOTDs, even EOTDs were everywhere. I still see them pop up occasionally but in 2010 they were a posting staple. A classic FOTD from me here complete with sweeping side fringe and a giveaway selfie arm.

2) Clothing hauls consisted of quick snaps of the clothes on a hanger on the back of a door. It didn't even matter if the clothes were crumpled! See this post for a very embarrassing H&M haul (the photo of the creased blue dress haunts me).

3) Blog sales were an excellent way to free up your makeup stash although it was a big drama if someone was seen to be selling their PR freebies.

4) Blogging events were a whole different ball game. These days they are a well oiled machine and you attend to learn about the product which will then be featured on your blog. Back in 2010 you posted in great detail about the whole day; meeting a group of bloggers beforehand, drinking cocktails as you listened to the intros, having a hot guy serve the canap├ęs, making cupcakes (or whatever interactive activity had been lined up) and going to Pizza Express after the event. And obviously you shared all of your amazing goody bag contents. Here was my take on one of the early Body Shop events - see how many bloggers you can spot! 

5) Tags and blog awards. Who remembers the Liebster Blog Award?!

6) Outfit photos were taken quickly and weren't very thought out. Mine were usually taken in our tiny flat living room with bad lighting and no awareness of the mess surrounding me. None of this fashion shoot-esque malarky. This has to be my favourite - bins in the background, a glass of wine on the floor and my jacket in a crumpled mess on the chair!

7) And beauty photos weren't any better; blurry, full of shadows and always with a slightly yellow tone.

8) To be honest in general, blog photos were pretty special in the 2010 days. Rounding the edges and adding swirly text to them was a favourite of mine. And obviously they were obviously all different sizes.

9) Swatches, swatches, swatches!

10) All of the comments! Whereas engagement with posts is now more about views and tweets, in 2010 it was all about the comments chat.

11) Giveaways were all the rage

12) The products which got everyone hyped up were not the glamorous, super expensive Becca highlighters or Oskia cleansers but Barry M crackle nail polishes and the much loved GOSH Darling lipstick.

6 comments on "Life: Blogging in 2010"
  1. I have so much love for this post! I got awfully nostalgic reading through loads of all posts recently.. I miss the simpler days of blogging. I also feel like the level of competition was near non-existant, everyone was just one level! The good ol' days :)

  2. Oh gosh, crackle nail polishes... I'd forgotten all about those! There are definitely a few dreadful OOTDs lurking in my archives, too...
    I loved this post, a cracking reminder of how times have changed! :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  3. I loved reading this! It was around then that I started following blogs and watching Youtube and it was a trip down memory lane. As much as I love the amazing content that is out there now, I love how genuine and stripped down everything was and the interactions.

    Inma x

  4. Daisy! It was so lovely reading this. Your blog was one of the first I ever read, and I think we both started out around the same time. I miss all of the above that you've mentioned, and recently when having a bit of a link clean up (because who was paying attention to SEO in 2010?!) and I got really nostalgic over my old posts, and all the comments that used to be exchanged back then. xx

  5. I didn't start blogging until 2015 so I missed all this. But I loved reading about how it was blogging in 2010, and seeing the differences between then and now :D x x

  6. Great post! I too have seen so many changes after starting my blog in 2012 :)
    -Jenna <3
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