Skin: No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser

Over Christmas I didn't keep up with my skincare routine and my skin really suffered for it. I had run out of my Organic Surge Hot Cloth Cleanser and so was just taking my make-up off with a micellar water and washing my face with a gel cleanser. Perfectly good products but I don't think it was properly removing everything and so my skin ended up looking dull and dry. 

I wanted to return to a trusty hot cloth cleanser and was very happy to find a gift pack of two of the No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleansers. RRP for one is £9.95 and I bought the pack of two for £12 so it was a brilliant deal - unfortunately I think it was a special Christmas offer but one to look out for. It is also currently 3 for 2 on No7 Skincare so would work out around £7 each if you bought three.

But anyway, onto the cleanser and how I've been finding it. In short, it is amazing and I've found it just as good as the classic Liz Earle Hot Cloth cleanser.  I use one pump, massage into my skin and remove with a hot flannel. It smells lovely and feels so moisturising and pleasant to use. It seems to have sorted out my dry skin and doesn't irritate it in the slightest- which has become an issue for me with some products as I have been suffering from rosacea. 

It's kept my skin looking clear, fresh and moisturised since using it so this is a real winner for me and I highly recommend it. You can buy it from Boots here.

Daisy x


  1. I really think this cleanser is great. I often buy it when I have a No7 voucher but 2 for £12 is a brilliant price!



  2. I really like this one too, very gentle <3 xo


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