Beauty: Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning Review

I mentioned in my post about the St Tropez Express Tan that I'd been using a fantastic face tanner and here it is - Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning. I was after a tan specifically for my face and this came highly recommended from many bloggers, namely Anna and Lily Pebbles.

This is an award winning self tanner which Clarins claim is 'as refreshing as water and as gentle as milk'. It delivers colour naturally to face and d├ęcolletage whilst keeping skin soft and moisturised. To apply, simply pour some of the lotion onto a cotton wool pad (you can use fingers but I've found that using a cotton pad means there is less chance of streaks!) and sweep over your face and neck. Make sure to avoid your brows and hairline, and wash hands after use. 

The lotion dries super quickly so you can apply makeup or moisturiser straight after and colour develops in just a couple of hours. If you want a deeper colour you simply re-apply the lotion. I have been using it every night to keep a lovely glow and tan to my face - it works a treat and it looks so natural which is exactly what you want!

This face tanner is suitable for all skin types and costs around £20. Buy it here*. 

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Life: Five Ways to De-Stress

Stress is such a big part of our lives. I've read that we are suffering from stress more than ever before -  busy jobs and home lives, wanting to have it all and the impact of technology being a few reasons -  but it may be just that we are talking about it more than we did in previous years. 

I get stressed really easily. I'm not very patient and panic quickly which mean that small things get me stressed out. Someone at work once said I was like a duck - calm on the outside but flapping like mad underneath the surface! I wanted to share some ways that have helped me to feel calmer- please do share yours too!

1) Breathe - a very simple one but hugely effective. When we're stressed we forget to breathe so take a deep breath, right into your belly. Fill your lungs and exhale slowly.  I guarantee you will feel a difference and your body will thank you for it! 

2) Fresh air - there's nothing worse than feeling warm and confined when you are stressed. Being outside in the open air is so calming and can put your worries into perspective. A walk outside listening to music is a great way to de-stress. Even if you just feel like hibernating and staying indoors, open all of your windows to let fresh air circulate around the rooms. 

3) Declutter - I'm going to do a separate post about this soon as I've made it my mission to do a big decutter of our flat as realised how stressed out I was getting with all of the bits and bobs randomly sprawled around the house. You don't realise it but it really does make your head feel full of 'stuff'. Having a calm space where everything has a place makes you feel so much more relaxed and happy.

4) Make time for yourself - this advice is repeated time and time again, but it's so important to make time for yourself. I know it's easier said than done, especially when you're busy with a family or job but just having time to chill and do whatever makes you happy is essential for de-stressing. I love running a hot bath and watching YouTube videos or reading a magazine whilst I relax. 

5) Read before going to sleep - having a good nights sleep is vital for your wellbeing and getting off to sleep is something a lot of people struggle with. Having a routine before bed really helps with this as it trains your brain to start preparing for going to sleep. Turn off your social media and spend half an hour reading a book to get your mind settled, and not thinking about day to day worries. 

Do let me know your de-stressing tips as you can never have too many!

Food: Banana, Almond and Date Shake

I had to share the recipe for this smoothie as it's just incredible. It's from the healthy eating goddess that is Deliciously Ella and is basically a caramel milkshake - only it's good for you!

I often have it when I get back in from work and need something quick and easy to keep me going until dinner. I have such a sweet tooth and this really satisfies my chocolate cravings.

Best thing is it's super quick and easy and you don't need too many ingredients. I can't count how many of these I've had. 

All you need for one serving is:
  • 1 cup of cold almond milk
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 3 medjool dates 
  • 1 teaspoon of almond butter
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon (I use half a teaspoon as am not a huge cinnamon fan and this is perfect for me)

All you need to do it remove the stones from the dates, peel your banana and throw it all in a blender!

Daisy x

Beauty: St Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse Review

Uh oh, I think I've got the fake tan bug. Last month I posted about the St Tropez Gradual Tan in Shower Lotion which I really rate and gave me a lovely golden glow. Using it has actually given me the confidence to try a more 'one use' fake tan and this is how I found myself with the St Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse. I'd heard amazing reviews of this product and it was on offer in Boots.

So let me tell you a little about the product first. This is a mousse which you apply all over the body (there is a colour guide so you can easily see where you have/haven't applied) and can then choose how long you leave it on for, depending on how tanned you want to look. 1 hour for a light tan, 2 hours for medium and 3 hours for a dark bronze. After the time you go for is up, simply shower it off. The tan will then continue to develop over the next 8 hours. 

I have been using the St Tropez Tan Applicator Mitt to apply the mousse and have found it so incredibly easy. After exfoliating and then moisturising the usual parts (elbows, knees etc) I simply pump the mousse onto my mitt and scrunch it around a bit before gliding over my skin - I make sure to use the same amount of tan on each part of my body (so 2 pumps on the bottom half of each leg) so it's an evenly applied as possible. I then wait a couple of minutes for it to dry, put on some loose clothes and chill out. I haven't been using it on my face as have found a great fake tan specifically for the face which I use alongside this (will post about this find soon).

Bear in mind with this picture that I already had some of the tan on from a previous application 

So the results - I am 100% in love with this tan. It's not streaky and leaves the most gorgeous colour. I leave it for 3 hours and it creates the most gorgeous tan. I usually apply before bed and then when I wake up the tan has continued to develop and is even darker. It's not crazy-dark though and looks so natural. I've had so many comments from people asking if I've been away - even from my doctor who then commented on how natural it looked when I told her it was fake!

For me this the most perfect fake tan and I will be regularly buying a bottle (even at full price!). It costs £33 and you can find it here*.

Fashion: Outfit of the Day - dungarees!

I don't usually post outfit pictures but I am so in love with my dungarees that I just had to show them off. I roped Chris into taking a few photos (and I really had to persuade him, he felt very awkward about the whole thing!) as we ventured to the park to enjoy the sunshine. 

The last time I wore dungarees I was 12 and on a holiday to Florida so it feels pretty strange to be wearing them again - they make me feel like a big kid! This pair is from Primark and cost a bargainous £12. 

My shoes and t-shirt are also from Primark. Primarni Queen coming at ya!

Other dungarees I rather enjoy can be found here from Topshop for £38, here from ASOS for £38 and here from New Look (in the sale!) for £11.

Beauty: The wonderful world of Vichy

(Features press samples)

Last Wednesday, Georgina and I headed to Rook + Raven near Oxford Street to be immersed in all things Vichy. A raspberry bellini and ginger mojito in our hands, plus a cake pop saved for later (they were delicious!) we walked around various different stands which showcased the new and exciting products that Vichy have introduced to their ever-growing offering. We then got to pay a visit to the Vichy pharmacy where we could pick a few products to take home with us - Georgina and I were like kids in a candy shop. 

The Idealia range was very much of interest to me.  This range claims to visibly smooth the appearance of the first signs of ageing and wrinkles- something I have definitely started to think about as I head towards 30 (even writing that makes me feel slightly panicky!). The exciting new product in this range is the Idealia Skin Sleep - this is a night time gel balm which recreates the look of a good night's sleep - even when you only have a few hours kip. The Idealia Life Serum was another product which called out to me as it's great for skin which is exposed to stress, pollution, smoke or an unbalanced diet. Living in London I'm always interested in products which help with the effects of pollution - boo London smog! 

Both products have a gorgeous texture - very light and blend into the skin super quickly. They also have an almost rose-gold shimmery glowy colour to them which makes it feel super luxurious - and the scent is just divine. I love using these before bed as it instantly relaxes me. It's too soon to comment on how effective they are but I've been waking up with my skin looking really glowy and healthy so hope it's down to these two products!

The other two products that I decided to try were the Dermablend Corrective Foundation* and Ideal Soleil BB Cream SPF50+*. The foundation has been featured on a number of Lisa Eldridge's videos and is one of their best-sellers. It gives up to 16 hours coverage and covers mild to medium imperfections, creating a flawless and glowy base (which was unexpected as thought it would be quite matte). I have got it in shade 25 and it's perfect for my skin in summer. I am really liking this foundation - it provides good coverage without feeling too heavy, and really does cover up imperfections. I hardly needed any concealer after using it. 

I wasn't aware that Vichy had a whole sun-protection range but they do and it's pretty great. The Ideal Soleil BB Cream SPF50+ called out to me straightaway as I want to wear a high SPF on my face in the summer months and on holiday but often find I have to go without foundation if I want to wear a suncream. This is a BB formula which enhances and illuminates and is available in a natural tan shade. I tried this today and it is extremely dewy and illuminating - I love dewy skin but this was almost too much and I really did look very shiny so it may be best suited for dry skin (I have combination/oily). Once I'd applied powder it took the shine down completely but I wouldn't be able to wear it on its own. 

You can find out all about the different ranges and all of Vichy's exciting new launches on their website here.