Beauty: Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning Review

I mentioned in my post about the St Tropez Express Tan that I'd been using a fantastic face tanner and here it is - Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning. I was after a tan specifically for my face and this came highly recommended from many bloggers, namely Anna and Lily Pebbles.

This is an award winning self tanner which Clarins claim is 'as refreshing as water and as gentle as milk'. It delivers colour naturally to face and d├ęcolletage whilst keeping skin soft and moisturised. To apply, simply pour some of the lotion onto a cotton wool pad (you can use fingers but I've found that using a cotton pad means there is less chance of streaks!) and sweep over your face and neck. Make sure to avoid your brows and hairline, and wash hands after use. 

The lotion dries super quickly so you can apply makeup or moisturiser straight after and colour develops in just a couple of hours. If you want a deeper colour you simply re-apply the lotion. I have been using it every night to keep a lovely glow and tan to my face - it works a treat and it looks so natural which is exactly what you want!

This face tanner is suitable for all skin types and costs around £20. Buy it here*. 

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  1. Love a good self tan! I would love to try this out! xx


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