Life: Five Ways to De-Stress

Stress is such a big part of our lives. I've read that we are suffering from stress more than ever before -  busy jobs and home lives, wanting to have it all and the impact of technology being a few reasons -  but it may be just that we are talking about it more than we did in previous years. 

I get stressed really easily. I'm not very patient and panic quickly which mean that small things get me stressed out. Someone at work once said I was like a duck - calm on the outside but flapping like mad underneath the surface! I wanted to share some ways that have helped me to feel calmer- please do share yours too!

1) Breathe - a very simple one but hugely effective. When we're stressed we forget to breathe so take a deep breath, right into your belly. Fill your lungs and exhale slowly.  I guarantee you will feel a difference and your body will thank you for it! 

2) Fresh air - there's nothing worse than feeling warm and confined when you are stressed. Being outside in the open air is so calming and can put your worries into perspective. A walk outside listening to music is a great way to de-stress. Even if you just feel like hibernating and staying indoors, open all of your windows to let fresh air circulate around the rooms. 

3) Declutter - I'm going to do a separate post about this soon as I've made it my mission to do a big decutter of our flat as realised how stressed out I was getting with all of the bits and bobs randomly sprawled around the house. You don't realise it but it really does make your head feel full of 'stuff'. Having a calm space where everything has a place makes you feel so much more relaxed and happy.

4) Make time for yourself - this advice is repeated time and time again, but it's so important to make time for yourself. I know it's easier said than done, especially when you're busy with a family or job but just having time to chill and do whatever makes you happy is essential for de-stressing. I love running a hot bath and watching YouTube videos or reading a magazine whilst I relax. 

5) Read before going to sleep - having a good nights sleep is vital for your wellbeing and getting off to sleep is something a lot of people struggle with. Having a routine before bed really helps with this as it trains your brain to start preparing for going to sleep. Turn off your social media and spend half an hour reading a book to get your mind settled, and not thinking about day to day worries. 

Do let me know your de-stressing tips as you can never have too many!


  1. Great tips! I totally agree that reading is helpful, it's great to be transported somewhere else away from day to day worries. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

    1. Completely! I hate it when I don't have a good book on the go!

  2. Fresh air is definitely my favourite thing to do to destress, great tips! x

    1. I always try and go on a walk in my lunch break as it does me so much good! x

  3. Reading before bed has made me sleep so much better than I used to when I'd watch a few YouTube videos in bed!
    I also like to write on my journal or talk to a friend. Somehow articulating what I'm stressing about makes me get some perspective.
    Loving the more frequent posts! x

    1. I know- our wifi doesn't reach our bedroom which has been a blessing as it's meant that the bedroom is where you can really switch off and I am forced to read!

      Thanks - I'm loving blogging again :)

  4. Haha I love that analogy of being like a duck, that's definitely me too! The key to calming yourself down in any situation is definitely to breathe. It can make such a difference but can be hard to remember if you're feeling panicky!

    Your blog is so lovely, glad I found you tonight! :)

    Soph x |

    1. Hehe- I am such a duck! At work people are always surprised when I say I'm finding something stressful as on the outside I seem fine!

      Thanks for the lovely comment- going to check yours out now! xx


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