Beauty: Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Penelope Pink

Please join me in admiring this Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick - just look at how gorgeous the packaging is? Simply beautiful and a wonderful addition to my make-up collection. I could admire it for hours.

K.I.S.S.I.N.G is Charlotte's signature range of ten lipsticks which have been created with modern and classic icons in mind. I have heard so many great things about these lipsticks and after a bit of blog research I decided that Penelope Pink was the shade for me - a pink/nude which I feel would suit every skin tone.

This is a beautiful lipstick to wear - it is easy to apply and the formula is very moisturising. It also has a lovely faint scent which doesn't feel overwhelming. Lasting power isn't amazing - I had to reapply every couple of hours but that's the only negative. 

I now want to buy every Charlotte Tilbury lipstick that I can get my hands on! If you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them!

The Penelope Pink lipstick costs £23 and can be found here*.

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Life: A Trip to Brussels

At the beginning of September we made a trip to Brussels - it had been in the planning for quite some time as was a surprise trip to celebrate our friend's 30th birthday. He thought he was going on a romantic weekend away with his girlfriend but nope - it turned into a 14 people celebration!

I took lots of photos but most aren't really blog suitable as it was a pretty rowdy weekend. Needless to say, we enjoyed lots of Belgium food and drink and ended up dancing on tables in a fantastic bar!

We did find a little time to wander around the city and I absolutely loved it - it's got a lovely vibe and so many chocolate shops - it was a chocoholics dream! There is lots to discover in Brussels and we found a little gallery off a side street with some fantastic art. I wish we had had more time there so I could do some shopping as there were so many gorgeous shops - noticeably Maje and Brandy Melville.

I've also listed some of the other places we visited and would recommend:

  • Steigenberger Witcher Hotel - we stayed here and it was amazing (check out the bathroom- it was so beautiful!) and we got a great deal through - I highly recommend it as somewhere central with lovely rooms and fantastic service. 
  • Aux Armes de Bruxelles - we enjoyed a meal here and were really pleased. There were 14 of us (and we weren't the quietest bunch) but the waiters were so accommodating and the perfect mix of being helpful but not overbearing. The menu is traditional Belgian cooking so good if you want to sample their specialities.
  • Le Corbeau and Delirium Cafe - two great bars/pubs. Delirium is huge and has the biggest beer selection in the world, and Le Corbeau had the biggest buzz and is where the previously mentioned dancing on tables happened!
Have you been to Brussels before?

Beauty: Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily collection

(Contains press samples)

Ooh I really love Molton Brown products. If I could fill my house with Molton Brown and Jo Malone I'd be a very happy lady.

To celebrate the launch of their new Body Polishers collection, I was invited to indulge in a skin-pampering experience using three products from their luxurious Gingerlily range*. This three step skincare routine purifies and pampers skin, all featuring the beautiful gingerlily scent. The scent is absolutely wonderful, and as summer is coming to an end it is the perfect way to extend the summer feeling and to transport yourself back to a tropical paradise! 

1. Cleanse
First step in the pampering regime is to use the Gingerlily Body Wash (£18) which contains moisturising extracts of white lily and tamanu oil and also has warm notes of ginger and cardamom to leave a beautiful scent on the skin.

2. Exfoliate
The Heavenly Gingerlily Body Polisher (£34) is such a beautiful product and the real star of the show. It contains micro-exfoliating Tahitian sand which you massage into skin to stimulate and revitalise. Whilst you are doing this, the gel in the product transforms into silky milk to help keep skin moisturised and glowing. Beautiful.

3. Moisturise
Final step in the routine is to use the Gingerlily Nourishing Body Lotion (£25) to moisturise after you are dry. This body lotion is clinically proven to firm and hydrate skin while locking in the iconic gingerlily scent.

I am a huge fan of anything Molton Brown and these products have just made me love it all the more - the scent has filled my bathroom and lingers for so long on my skin. It's a body pampering dream! 

You can check out the full range of Body Polishers by clicking here and do visit Molton Brown's website to explore all of the other gorgeous products that they offer. 

Life: Five Tips to Declutter Your Life

Having a good declutter seems to be 'the thing' at the moment - especially with Marie Kondo's book being so raved about. In my post 'Five Ways to Destress' I mentioned that decluttering is a great way to help with feeling stressed and wanted to give some of my tips as to how to get started. 

1) Declutter your bedroom - having a clean and tidy space is so important for your state of mind. Having a clear and decluttered house is the ultimate goal (and one I'm really trying to do) but if you're just going to focus on one room- make it the bedroom. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary where you sleep and relax. Recently I gave our bedroom a good tidy and changed our bedding to a white duvet set- it made me feel so much calmer and settled every time I got into bed and in the mornings too. It makes you feel so much more ready for the day ahead than wading through clutter.

2) Look at what you really need to have on show - tidy away stuff that you have out and really doesn't need to be. A big offender for me is bottles around the bath. I have about ten out when I only use two or three each time I shower. I also have a basket in the bathroom filled to the brim with products. Finding storage that will keep them hidden away will do a world of good. Same goes for everything that you have out in the kitchen - don't keep a big bread maker out if you only use it once a month.

3) Tidy stuff away as soon as you think about it - often I will look at a towel on the bed (not my towel, obviously it's Chris'!) or a glass of water which is on the side and think that I will move it later. Don't think- just do it. Tidying as you go along will make keeping a clear space so much easier.

4) Regularly clear stuff out - I regularly go through my wardrobe and make up to give it a good declutter. I put items into piles- one for friends/family/charity shop, ones to be thrown away (like old mascara) and ones to keep. Doing this will mean that you are always keeping on top of it.

5) Work out where areas of clutter build up and work with it - there are always going to be areas where clutter seems to gathers - the corner of our kitchen always cumulates keys and random items like paracetamol and card readers so I decided to buy a nice tray which these could go in which I try and regularly clear out. Sometimes you just need to admit that it is never going to be perfect and make it as clear and tidy as you can!

Life: Five Ways to Make a Little Extra Money

Today I wanted to share five ways to make a little extra money each month. I'm always eager to find easy ways of bringing in a little extra cash and have been filling in online surveys for a few extra pennies since I can remember! I've found a few different ways which have been really great in topping up my salary each month. 

1) Focus Groups - these are brilliant as they pay fantastic money. Usually you get around £50 for two hours so it's well worth doing- some pay even more. If you haven't heard of them before, they basically come about when a company wants to carry out research on something, such as a new advertising campaign or product they're launching, and would like to gather real thoughts and opinions on it. It's such an easy way of making money as there are no wrong answers and you're getting paid to just have a chat! The majority of focus groups are held in London but I do see them being advertised elsewhere too. Focus Force, Take Part in Research and London Market Research are all good ones to register with. Also, don't get disheartened if you apply and don't hear back on many - often companies are looking for a certain profile so it can take time before you're asked to go on one. 

2) VoxPopMe - this is a lovely little iPhone app where you get paid to record a short 15-60 second clip answering a question or giving an opinion on something. It's worth checking out their terms to see how they may use the clips but generally it seems to be for market research. You usually get paid between 25p-65p per clip and it has to be approved before you get paid. Once you've earned £10 you can withdraw the money via Paypal. I find that it adds up really quickly and is also quite fun to do - once you get over the initial embarrassment of talking to the camera! You can sign up here and if you use this link I'll get a bit of money through it so go on, you know you want to! 

3) Pinecone Research - Pinecone Research are a leading consumer research agency who help companies with developing products. Once you sign up you are sent surveys to complete and you get paid for them in points which you can redeem for prizes or cash (via Paypal). Each survey generally pays 300 points which equates to £3 - not too shabby! I signed up a few weeks ago and have already made £12. The catch is that it's pretty hard to get on their panel as they are looking for specific households (and only accept one person per household)- but give it a go by signing up through the link here.

4) eBay & Gumtree - I use eBay and Gumtree regularly for selling items. eBay is super easy to use and a great way of selling old clothes that you no longer want - only catch is that you have to pay eBay a percentage of the final selling price but I think it's worth it for how straightforward it is. Gumtree is far less 'pretty' but is great if you want to sell items quickly and you don't have to pay them anything- we have put a few pieces of furniture on there and it's always gone within a couple of days for a decent price. IKEA furniture seems to be the most popular!

5) Airbnb - I haven't personally used Airbnb to make money, but my parents have had success with it and we are thinking of putting our spare room on when the flat is finished. Airbnb seems to have exploded in popularity recently. You can use it to advertise your spare room, or even whole house as a place to stay. The site is really user-friendly and makes the process so straightforward. My Mum and Dad have had lots of people coming to stay at their place and it's making them a great bit of extra money - they have also met some really interesting and lovely people. I may ask them to get involved and write a post with some Airbnb tips! 

I hope these were useful and it might help you make a little extra cash! Do leave a comment if you have any other money-making ideas.

Beauty: Fake Bake Beauty at Home

(Features press samples)

I mentioned in my post about eSalon that I had been at a been at a beauty event to introduce the brand, and to tell us all about Fake Bake Beauty at Home. I think every beauty blogger is aware of Fake Bake - they are a hugely popular award-winning fake tan brand and are very loved amongst the celebs!

They have now embarked on a new venture and have launched Fake Bake Beauty at Home - a new business and shopping concept. It gives someone the chance to become their own beauty entrepreneur by providing the ingredients needed to make it a success at no risk and low cost - the founder of Fake Bake, Sandra McClumpha has had a great success story and so wanted to do something which could help others have the same. You join the scheme for £99 and get kitted out with everything you need to get set-up.

In addition to all of the Fake Bake tanning products, the brand have introduced three new collections which we got to try out at the event; Dolce Dreams bath and body products, Skin D-Luxe skincare and Scream & Pout make-up. I haven't had the chance to try many of the products yet but the bath products smell divine and I really like the two highlighter cream products in the Scream & Pout palette.

To find out more about the scheme and view the whole range from Fake Bake Beauty at Home visit their website -