Life: Five Tips to Declutter Your Life

Having a good declutter seems to be 'the thing' at the moment - especially with Marie Kondo's book being so raved about. In my post 'Five Ways to Destress' I mentioned that decluttering is a great way to help with feeling stressed and wanted to give some of my tips as to how to get started. 

1) Declutter your bedroom - having a clean and tidy space is so important for your state of mind. Having a clear and decluttered house is the ultimate goal (and one I'm really trying to do) but if you're just going to focus on one room- make it the bedroom. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary where you sleep and relax. Recently I gave our bedroom a good tidy and changed our bedding to a white duvet set- it made me feel so much calmer and settled every time I got into bed and in the mornings too. It makes you feel so much more ready for the day ahead than wading through clutter.

2) Look at what you really need to have on show - tidy away stuff that you have out and really doesn't need to be. A big offender for me is bottles around the bath. I have about ten out when I only use two or three each time I shower. I also have a basket in the bathroom filled to the brim with products. Finding storage that will keep them hidden away will do a world of good. Same goes for everything that you have out in the kitchen - don't keep a big bread maker out if you only use it once a month.

3) Tidy stuff away as soon as you think about it - often I will look at a towel on the bed (not my towel, obviously it's Chris'!) or a glass of water which is on the side and think that I will move it later. Don't think- just do it. Tidying as you go along will make keeping a clear space so much easier.

4) Regularly clear stuff out - I regularly go through my wardrobe and make up to give it a good declutter. I put items into piles- one for friends/family/charity shop, ones to be thrown away (like old mascara) and ones to keep. Doing this will mean that you are always keeping on top of it.

5) Work out where areas of clutter build up and work with it - there are always going to be areas where clutter seems to gathers - the corner of our kitchen always cumulates keys and random items like paracetamol and card readers so I decided to buy a nice tray which these could go in which I try and regularly clear out. Sometimes you just need to admit that it is never going to be perfect and make it as clear and tidy as you can!


  1. Great tips! Did you finish the book? I have done all my clothes and beauty products but all my paperwork and sentimental stuff are waiting for me....
    Inma x

    1. I have finished it now! Loved it! I have thrown out so many bin bags - I still have sentimental stuff and random bits and bobs to go through but should be done after that. It feels so satisfying!x

  2. Great tips! Think my weekend goal will be to use a few of these of tips to declutter my house, and my life! Thanks :) xx

    1. So glad they were useful! Hope you have a productive decluttering weekend!! :) x


Thank you for the comment! x