Life: Five Ways to Make a Little Extra Money

Today I wanted to share five ways to make a little extra money each month. I'm always eager to find easy ways of bringing in a little extra cash and have been filling in online surveys for a few extra pennies since I can remember! I've found a few different ways which have been really great in topping up my salary each month. 

1) Focus Groups - these are brilliant as they pay fantastic money. Usually you get around £50 for two hours so it's well worth doing- some pay even more. If you haven't heard of them before, they basically come about when a company wants to carry out research on something, such as a new advertising campaign or product they're launching, and would like to gather real thoughts and opinions on it. It's such an easy way of making money as there are no wrong answers and you're getting paid to just have a chat! The majority of focus groups are held in London but I do see them being advertised elsewhere too. Focus Force, Take Part in Research and London Market Research are all good ones to register with. Also, don't get disheartened if you apply and don't hear back on many - often companies are looking for a certain profile so it can take time before you're asked to go on one. 

2) VoxPopMe - this is a lovely little iPhone app where you get paid to record a short 15-60 second clip answering a question or giving an opinion on something. It's worth checking out their terms to see how they may use the clips but generally it seems to be for market research. You usually get paid between 25p-65p per clip and it has to be approved before you get paid. Once you've earned £10 you can withdraw the money via Paypal. I find that it adds up really quickly and is also quite fun to do - once you get over the initial embarrassment of talking to the camera! You can sign up here and if you use this link I'll get a bit of money through it so go on, you know you want to! 

3) Pinecone Research - Pinecone Research are a leading consumer research agency who help companies with developing products. Once you sign up you are sent surveys to complete and you get paid for them in points which you can redeem for prizes or cash (via Paypal). Each survey generally pays 300 points which equates to £3 - not too shabby! I signed up a few weeks ago and have already made £12. The catch is that it's pretty hard to get on their panel as they are looking for specific households (and only accept one person per household)- but give it a go by signing up through the link here.

4) eBay & Gumtree - I use eBay and Gumtree regularly for selling items. eBay is super easy to use and a great way of selling old clothes that you no longer want - only catch is that you have to pay eBay a percentage of the final selling price but I think it's worth it for how straightforward it is. Gumtree is far less 'pretty' but is great if you want to sell items quickly and you don't have to pay them anything- we have put a few pieces of furniture on there and it's always gone within a couple of days for a decent price. IKEA furniture seems to be the most popular!

5) Airbnb - I haven't personally used Airbnb to make money, but my parents have had success with it and we are thinking of putting our spare room on when the flat is finished. Airbnb seems to have exploded in popularity recently. You can use it to advertise your spare room, or even whole house as a place to stay. The site is really user-friendly and makes the process so straightforward. My Mum and Dad have had lots of people coming to stay at their place and it's making them a great bit of extra money - they have also met some really interesting and lovely people. I may ask them to get involved and write a post with some Airbnb tips! 

I hope these were useful and it might help you make a little extra cash! Do leave a comment if you have any other money-making ideas.


  1. Great post - I love ebay for making some extra money and having a wardrobe clear out at the same time! x

    1. eBay is my go to for all clothes that I sell! So good x

  2. This is actually so useful! I've been racking my brain to come up with a few different ideas on how to make a little bit extra and then you post this! Awesome! Thanks :) Are the eBay costs high?

    1. So glad it was useful! So eBay fees are 10% of your final selling cost- so if it doesn't sell you don't have to pay anything which is good. xx


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