Fashion: Outfit of the Day - Autumn Outfit

I am so in love with all of the Autumn fashion that's in the shops at the moment. I just want to buy everything. I've picked up a few items recently, including the jumper and hat featured above. 

I have been wanting a floppy hat for ages, but have resisted because I've just not been sure when I'd wear it. I gave in when I saw it for £8 in Primark. I love it although it isn't the most practical of hats - today it nearly blew off of my head a few times in the wind, and because of the wide brim it's hard to see what is happening around you! Who needs practical when it's so nice to look at though?! Here is a similar hat from Topshop.

The jumper is another new Primark purchase and cost £14. It's super snuggly and perfect for this time of year - it's quite oversized (I bought it in a size 8). My bag and boots are older Primark purchases (I really need to expand my shopping repertoire!) and leggings are from H&M. 

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