Beauty: Bio-Oil - My Body Philosophy

This year, Bio-Oil have been working on their Body Philosophy initiative and it's almost come to an end. Their mission was to inspire a life-time of body confidence and to do this they collected over 10,000 body philosophies from people all over the world. They have been working with the Body Gossip charity who have taken the advice into 20 schools and have hosted body confidence workshops to help inspire teenagers to love their bodies. 

It's such a perfect partnership as bio-oil is all about caring for your skin, and healing it. And I love the whole idea around inspiring body confidence - I think we all remember the awkward teen years where you feel self conscious and uncomfortable most of the time! 

The team have been so overwhelmed with all of the words of wisdom that they decided to create a diary which contains a selection of their favourite pieces of advice - it's really lovely and there are so many great inspiring quotes in there. 

You can read all about the initiative on the My Body Philosophy website and Bio-Oil can be bought from £8.99 here.

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