Life: 5 Things to do in January

January is not my favourite month - I like the start of a new year and feeling excited for what lies ahead, but it's also quite a quiet few weeks after the fun of Christmas and I am usually pretty poor after being paid early and spending money on presents! Here are 5 suggestions of things to get up to in January to welcome the new year.

1. Plan the exciting things you want to do in 2016 - whether it be places you want to visit or people you want to make time to see. Even if you don't do them all, it's fun to think about all of the possibilities for the year. 

2. Have a spring clean and clear out. I am always full of motivation to get cleaning and sorting in January. Dedicate a day to spring cleaning and sorting out the cupboards you usually avoid! 

3. Start a 'Good Things Jar' - I love this idea from Charlotte. Every time something good happened in 2015 she'd write what happened on a post it note and pop it in the jar. At the end of the year she read all of the notes and reflected on the best moments.

4. Celebrate Burns Night on the 25th January - cook a traditional Burns Night supper (Haggis is the tradition but if you don't fancy it the BBC have lots of inspiration!) or go to one of the many bars and pubs who will be celebrating the day.

5. Go to the cinema. There are lots of great films out at the moment as it's the award season time of year- I want to see The Danish Girl and Room.


  1. Lovely ideas! I went to see The Danish Girl last Sunday, I adore Eddie Redmayne he's so beautiful and definitely a wonderful actor. I found the film underwhelming, but I also managed to catch the Steve Jobs movie which I really liked. Michael Fassbender is a miracle.

    Kiran |

  2. Love this! The Good Things Jar sounds like a fab idea!

  3. I really want to do The Good Things Jar idea! That sounds great. Think I'll give that a go this year. These are some great ideas for January. It is a pretty rubbish month what with being poor, and the anti-climax of all the Christmas celebrations! Fab post! x x


Thank you for the comment! x