Fashion: Michael Kors Leather Coin Purse

My birthday present from my brother and his girlfriend Georgina (check out her blog here) came at the perfect time. I adore my Kate Spade Lacey purse but wanted a small coin purse to take to Florida. 

The Michael Kors Travel Saffiano Leather Coin Purse in coral is a beautiful piece. It's made from Saffiano leather and is part of their Jet Set collection. 

It has a press stud fastening, three interior compartments, a zipped coin purse and an ID window too. For a small purse it has everything you need, and I like how it's not too tiny so that your cards only just fit in - everything is easy to reach. It also has a key ring strap attached which is handy!

There are five different colours available and you can find it here.

Beauty: The best products for a hungover face

I seem to have enjoyed my fair share of hangovers recently - not something to be proud of but hey ho, Friday night happy hour cocktails are hard to resist! Of course the ideal hangover cure is to stay in your pjs all day and to not wear a scrap of make-up, but sometimes you have to venture out into the real world.

Here are five products to help make your face as presentable as possible:

♥ L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfection Day Moisturiser - after a night out, your skin is very dehydrated and needs a good drink (just like you need a glass of water in the morning!). This moisturiser is brilliant because it has lightening particles in which have a brightening effect on your skin.

♥ Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow - either use this before applying your base, or mix a drop with your foundation. It gives your skin an instant pick me up and will make it look dewy and awake.

♥ Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blusher - cream products work best on dehydrated skin and this cream blush is one of my all-time favourites. A flush of pink on your cheeks makes for instant pretty.

♥ L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara - mascara is an essential - it lifts and emphasizes your lashes so that you look awake. I love the L'Oreal Voluminous- an oldie but a goodie!

Lotion Yon-Ka - this is a great face mist which is great for refreshing your face and balancing skin. You can apply before using make-up or after as a way of keeping skin looking fresh - ideal for hungover skin! 

Life: My Snapchat Favourites

After a couple of years not really 'getting' Snapchat, I am a total convert. I love how you can show quick snippets of your day and not think too much about what you are sharing - I love watching my stories back. It's basically a mini vlog! 

My Snapchat username is daisyelizabeth8 if you fancy following (shameless plug!) - I plan to do lots of Snapchattin' over Florida.

These are a few of my favourite people to follow on Snapchat- they all post really regularly which I like. Who are your favourites? I'm always looking for new people to add!

Victoria from In The Frow [username: inthefrow] - Victoria is my favourite on Snapchat. She is always travelling and it gives me such life envy, but I feel like I am vicariously living through her adventures! 

Kylie Jenner [username: kylizzlemynizzle] - otherwise known as the Queen of Snapchat, I love Kylie's account. There are lots of selfies and videos of her pouting into the camera, but it's very addictive and I love seeing what she's up to.

Kourtney Kardashian [username: kourtneykardash] - Kourtney is a recent addition to Snapchat and she's really funny. I am also so jealous of her home cinema!

Fleur from FleurDeForce [username: fleurdeforce] - I love watching Fleur's vlogs and her Snapchat is a great substitute for when she's not vlogging. She's always up to fun things and seeing her poochies make me very happy.

Karlie Kloss [username: karliekloss] - Karlie is such a beauty and her life is just crazy - she is a new country every other day! I love how Snapchat gives us an insight into celebrity lives.

Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup [username: viviannamakeup] - I met Anna very briefly at an event a few years ago and she hasn't changed at all. She's down to earth, exactly how she comes across in her videos and her Snapchat is really fun. 

Beauty: Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow and Eyes to Mesmerise shadow

Eyes to Mesmerise is on the left and Wonderglow on the right

I turned 29 last week (eek! I keep reminding myself that growing old is a privilege) and so Chris and I enjoyed a fun touristy day in central London. We ended up in Covent Garden and I couldn't resist a trip to the Charlotte Tilbury store - it is a place of beauty. I could have bought everything in there.

After watching this Pixiwoo video featuring Charlotte, I was totally enabled to buy WonderGlow and also decided to buy a Eyes to Memorise eyeshadow.

The Wonderglow Instant Soft Focus Beauty Flash Primer* is one of Charlotte Tilbury's bestselling products and I can completely see why. This is a brilliant multi-use miracle fix to revive tired skin and to make you look gorgeously glowing. It's got lots of fancy ingredients in it to transform your skin and to make it truly youthful and healthy. You can either apply before foundation, after you've applied your make up (best use is at on day-old make-up to perk up your face!) or you can mix it into your foundation to make it nice and glowy. I've been trying it all of the different ways and absolutely love it. For a night out I used it before foundation, then mixed some with my foundation and also added some on top. Apparently I like a glow! It's subtle but you can definitely see it giving your skin that extra something. It's pricy at £38.50 but you get a lot of product (40ml) and I can see it lasting quite a while.

The second product I purchased was the Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadowin the shade Jean. This is a beautiful cream eyeshadow in a sparking-pink, champagne colour. It's great for blue and green eyes but would suit anyone! It applies so easily- you hardly need any - I dab my finger so so lightly into the shadow and simply blend onto my eyelid. I like wearing this on its own during the day and also as a base. This eyeshadow costs £22.

My love affair with Charlotte Tilbury products continues and I am yet to be disappointed! Are there any other CT must-haves that I need to put on my list?

*This post includes affiliate links

Beauty: Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

I've been meaning to buy the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel* for a long time after seeing so many rave reviews. After my Trilogy Cleansing Balm* came to an end (still love this!) I decided to purchase it and I haven't been disappointed.

This is one of those rare products which is suitable for every skin type and I can see why. It's a cleansing gel which turns into an oil and melts into skin quickly to remove make-up, whilst also illuminating and nourishing skin. It aims to leave clean, radiant skin which feels soft and smooth. It's also rich in vitamins and enzymes.

It has a mild and pleasant scent and is an orange gel texture. I have been massaging it into my dry skin, adding a little water to turn it into a milky cream, and then using a flannel or muslin cloth to remove it. I have been using it to remove my face make-up (so I take off my eye make-up separately, although this does do that job too) and it's been doing the job well! My skin is left feeling clean, bright and super smooth. It also doesn't irritate it in the slightest which is a big plus as sometimes my skin can flare up a little.

*This post contains affiliate links