Life: My Snapchat Favourites

After a couple of years not really 'getting' Snapchat, I am a total convert. I love how you can show quick snippets of your day and not think too much about what you are sharing - I love watching my stories back. It's basically a mini vlog! 

My Snapchat username is daisyelizabeth8 if you fancy following (shameless plug!) - I plan to do lots of Snapchattin' over Florida.

These are a few of my favourite people to follow on Snapchat- they all post really regularly which I like. Who are your favourites? I'm always looking for new people to add!

Victoria from In The Frow [username: inthefrow] - Victoria is my favourite on Snapchat. She is always travelling and it gives me such life envy, but I feel like I am vicariously living through her adventures! 

Kylie Jenner [username: kylizzlemynizzle] - otherwise known as the Queen of Snapchat, I love Kylie's account. There are lots of selfies and videos of her pouting into the camera, but it's very addictive and I love seeing what she's up to.

Kourtney Kardashian [username: kourtneykardash] - Kourtney is a recent addition to Snapchat and she's really funny. I am also so jealous of her home cinema!

Fleur from FleurDeForce [username: fleurdeforce] - I love watching Fleur's vlogs and her Snapchat is a great substitute for when she's not vlogging. She's always up to fun things and seeing her poochies make me very happy.

Karlie Kloss [username: karliekloss] - Karlie is such a beauty and her life is just crazy - she is a new country every other day! I love how Snapchat gives us an insight into celebrity lives.

Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup [username: viviannamakeup] - I met Anna very briefly at an event a few years ago and she hasn't changed at all. She's down to earth, exactly how she comes across in her videos and her Snapchat is really fun. 

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  1. Awesome post! I haven’t got into Snapchat yet but it sounds like fun and a great way to see what celebrities get up too. Great selection! I’m definitely going to look into downloading the app now!! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog


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