Life: 10 things that happen when you are super organised

1) You get everywhere early, even to casual catch-ups with friends and always end up having to hang around for ages waiting for them to arrive.

2) Everyone relies on you to be the organiser for everything. You are a walking, talking Citymapper app.

3) Deadlines are always smashed.

4) If, shock horror, you are looking to be on-time for something (rather than early) you start getting the sweats.

5) And don't even talk about when you know you're going to be late.

6) Lists are the backbone to your whole life.

7) Your iPhone holds the key to your whole organisational life. Calendar, notes and to-do list apps (currently using Paperless) are your best friend.

8) The recommended airport check-in arrival time is your minimum time, plus an hour. 

9) Upward managing comes very naturally! 

10) It gives you small heart palpitations when someone has 1023 unread emails on their phone.


  1. No 10 for sure!! I hate that. Like, how?! x x

  2. I found myself nodding along to all the above. I get made fun of at work as I have three to-do lists. Nothing more satisfying than being organised!

    Hannah xx

    1. Haha- love that you have three to do lists!! X

  3. This made me laugh throughout. I can totally relate to most of them, especially the stress of being on time (and not early), and seeing that people have so many unread emails on their phones! Even my work inbox has often only a handful of unread emails.

    Inma x

    1. Haha- knew you would appreciate this post as we are such kindred organisational spirits! ;) X


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