Life: Monthly Summary May


  • The first half of May was spent in Florida! We had the most wonderful holiday and Chris proposed which made it even more special (read about his proposal here). I will do some Florida posts sharing the highlights from the holiday soon.
  • We have obviously been celebrating getting engaged - everyone has been so lovely! We've had so much love from friends and families and have enjoyed going for drinks and food to celebrate.
  • Returning to work was also helped by my team decorating my desks with pictures of Chris and I, and loads of paper hearts!
  • We went to the Royal Albert Hall to watch Gladiator with the live Philharmonic Orchestra performing the soundtrack. We've seen it before and it was the most amazing show, so had to see it again. It was incredible and I've never seen an audience applause for so long - I was an emotional wreck!


  • Game of Thrones - we are totally up to date with it after starting series 1 earlier this year. Am loving the new series but not loving having to wait a whole week between each episode!
  • House of Cards - we started watching this a couple of months ago and am really enjoying it, despite me not really understanding a lot of the politics side! Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are fantastic as Frank and Clare.
  • Sophie and Tom's YouTube channel - I have recently discovered Sophie and Tom's Florida vlogs and they are getting me through the Florida blues! They are both so likeable and I love following their trips.

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  1. Congratulations on your engagement! It's a very exciting time! It's so lovely that your family and friends have been so supportive too - it's a great time to celebrate! x x


Thank you for the comment! x