Wedding: Let's talk Bridesmaids!

As you probably know, I got engaged to my lovely Chris in May (read how he proposed here). I am absolutely loving being engaged and wedding planning - everyone says 'it's only a day' but it feels like it's going to be a very special year of getting everything ready. I've been overwhelmed by how lovely everyone has been and how excited our friends and family are to help and celebrate with us. 

I'm going to be doing some wedding planning posts as I love reading other people's and it will be nice to look back on. First up is how I asked my Bridesmaids! I have chosen three Bridesmaids - my sister Jess, my oldest friend Jenny (we've known each other since we were two!) and my close friend from Uni, Flora.

I wanted to ask them in a special way and I love receiving surprises in the post so decided to make them each a cute little package. I bought these brilliant cards from Etsy - you write your message under the balloon (obviously I wrote 'will you be my Bridesmaid' but you could use them for anything special!) and then cover it with a scratch off circle to make the balloon. 

I then chose three pictures of me with each of the girls and got them made into polaroid style photos using Photobox. I then wrapped up these cute Bridesmaid notebooks* (from Etsy here) in pink tissue paper and included lots of confetti in each parcel!

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  1. Aww this is so cute, I love it! :D x x


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