Wedding: 10 Things That Happen When You Get Engaged

It's been a few months since I got engaged (read our engagement story here) but I wanted to share a few things that I noticed after he put a ring on it...

1. Your hands and nails won't know what's hit them - they will look the best they've ever looked. So many people were looking at my ring so I was constantly painting my nails and applying hand cream! Cue a few months later and if someone asks to see it I have to do an awkward claw hand to hide my chipped nail polish.

2. You become an absolute pro at telling your proposal story, and also feel sorry for your desk buddies at work who have heard you telling said story about a million times!

3. Wedding magazines quickly become your new best friend. I never thought I'd be interested because of the wealth of information you can find online, but I've found myself buying every magazine on the shelf! 

4. On a similar vein, wedding blogs are also a new addiction. My Bloglovin' feed is filled with real weddings and they're my favourite posts to read. 

5. For the first few weeks you'll be so paranoid about losing your ring or damaging it. To be fair, a few months down the line I still feel like that! It's a lot of money on one tiny finger!

6. The ring, champagne and bride emojis will be used to excess.

7. You will look at the wedding budget and flit between "it's only one day, lets not go overboard" and "it's the one day that you get married with everyone you love in one room, let's order all of the confetti and doves to carry the rings!"

8. Google Docs will become your saviour

9. You will marvel at how excited everyone is for you and how much love you feel. It's quite overwhelming!

10. Prepare for ALL of the questions. When are you getting married? Where are you getting married? Are you thinking big or small wedding? Have you chosen Bridesmaids? One person even asked if I'd thought about where I'd be getting the alcohol from - we'd only been engaged a couple of weeks!

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  1. This is all SO true. I just wrapped up my wedding and it was amazing, but so glad it's over and I get to enjoy married life now!! Congrats and I love the new blog name (have been a follower for years).


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