Life: A Little Catch Up

Photos from Instagram - username is daisyelizabeth87

So....hi again. It's been a while since I opened blogger and wrote a post. I've had a complete lack of blog motivation - probably a mix of the time of year, it being too dark to take photos, work being absolutely manic and using whatever creativity I have left for wedding planning!

So what's being going on since December when I last posted? Obviously we had Christmas and New Year which were lovely as always. It's always so nice having those days off to completely relax, to not know what day it is and to eat lots of delicious food with family. New Year was spent with friends playing board games, going on walks and wearing my comfy clothes the whole time - perfect!

Shortly after New Year we had some really sad news that my Nana had passed away. She would have been 90 this year (so had a wonderful long life) and had been battling with dementia for the past seven years - a cruel and horrible disease. My Mum and her sisters have had to deal with losing her twice, once to the dementia and for the second time now she's passed away. She had an emotional but lovely send off and after the service we spent hours at my cousin's house chatting and catching up. It ended in a full on pizza party and us not leaving until late. Nana would have loved it.

The New Year has also brought wedding planning to the front of my mind. We get married in August and time is flying - it's going to be here before we know it! We've done lots of the big things but it's all of the little things which seems to take up so much time. We're so excited though and it's amazing how exciting all of the people around us are for it. I can do a proper wedding planning update if anyone is interested.

We are booking our mini-moon tomorrow as we're planning to do a couple of nights away after the wedding, somewhere in the UK and then we want to go on honeymoon a few months later so we have it to look forward to. This year is going to be full of fun! 

That's it for now - our Indian takeaway is on it's way and I'm going to carry on watching my current obsession, Gossip Girl. Re-watching every episode is making me super happy. I hope everyone is well and hopefully I'm going to get back on track with blogging now!

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  1. How exciting! Your wedding is only a month before mine; we're getting married in September. I'd love to see a wedding update post, I've been writing my own and I love reading others! Where are you thinking of honeymooning? We've decided not to bother with a honeymoon as a new car and kitchen are higher up on our priority list - haha! x x


Thank you for the comment! x