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I have been enjoying lots of TV recently - TV is just on point at the moment! So many good series out there. Hate to admit how much I watch TV and boxsets - Chris and I are currently eyeing up the Panasonic UHD 4K TV for when we next move (and win the lottery)! The first thing we bought for this flat was a TV - maybe this should become a tradition?!

Here are some of my favourites shows at the moment:

Grey's Anatomy - I have watched Grey's since it started and I am a loyal fan. They have just aired the finale of series 13 and the last two episodes were fantastic - I can't stop thinking about the penultimate episode. I also think that every episode without fail makes me cry.

Modern Family - I've been catching up with this as used to watch it regularly but stopped a couple of years ago. Have been enjoying catching up with the latest series on Sky- I just love the characters so much! Cam, Gloria and Phil are my faves but I do love them all.

The Handmaid's Tale - I've only started watching this but was so impressed with the first episode and know it will be a good series as I read the book at school. It's a difficult watch and I felt tense throughout but the cast is brilliant and I'm excited to watch more.

Catching a Killer - this was shown on channel 4 and documents what happened to Natalie Hemming after she was reported missing to the police. It was so interesting to see the process from start to finish - and so heartbreaking too. 

Love Island - it's back! And I am so happy! It's such trash tv but completely obsessive viewing and I am loving catching up on the drama every night. 

Big Little Lies - I read and loved this book and was so pleased it was made into a show. The cast is amazing (love Reese Witherspoon so much), the script and production is brilliant and it will make you want to move to Monterey!

What have you been watching at the moment?

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