Life: My Favourite Podcasts

I've really started enjoying podcasts over the past year or so. The first one I ever listened to was Serial (which I still highly recommend) and loved how much it added to my 40 minute commute. Being able to walk and engage with a podcast made me feel like I was using that time so wisely!

I'm always discovering new podcasts but at the moment these are the ones I'm loving, and a couple of my favourite episodes from each. Please let me know if you have any others that you recommend!

  • At Home With.... This podcast was created by Lily Pebbles and Anna Gardener, both YouTubers and Bloggers, and who I've both followed for years. Each episode involves them visiting a person's house (always someone well known) and basically having an root around. As a very nosy person I love hearing the stories behind the corners of their homes. If you fancy seeing some photos from the house then you can watch it on acast which is great. Listen to At Home With...Zoe Sugg and At Home With...Alexia Inge
  • Happier with Gretchen Ruben. Happier is a hugely successful podcast by the happiness 'expert' that is Gretchen Ruben. I love listening to self-help and motivational podcasts and these really tick the box. I especially love learning about her Four Tendency Framework (take the test here) and it's helped me understand so much about how other people see things (fyi - I am an upholder). Listen to the Seven Myths of Happiness and A Close Look at the Upholder Personality.
  • Happy Mum, Happy Baby. This is a new podcast from Giovanna Fletcher and is probably a little random seeing as I have no children! However, I could listen to Giovanna all day and the first few episodes in the series have been excellent. Each episode is spent with a celebrity Mum and they discuss motherhood in a really open and honest way which I love. Listen to the first two episodes - Jo Elvin and Emma Willis.

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