Wedding: Photographer and Videographer

Wedding photography by Jo Hastings

It's the last post in my wedding series - how sad! I've absolutely loved writing each post and reliving the details of the day. I'm sure there will be more posts coming up with wedding-related content as I just can't get enough.

The final post is about how we captured our day on film. I am obsessed with photos- I'll often sit at my laptop looking through old Facebook pictures and reminiscing, so knew that getting the perfect photographer was going to be important. Our amazing photographer was Jo Hastings and we have been absolutely blown away by our photos - I think they speak for themselves! I knew that I wanted a photographer who would document the day in a natural way, with minimal posing and a really soft and light style. Chris was also really adamant that he didn't want unnatural shots. Jo is all about capturing the moments of the day as they unfold, and also at taking the most beautiful couple photos (the golden hour ones are especially dreamy). We have so many that we want to frame! 

Looking through the photos (and I look through them all of the time) makes me so unbelievably happy and I notice something different in each photo every time I look. There are some moments that have been captured that I will treasure forever - having a dance with my beautiful Grandma; hugging my Dad when he saw me in my dress and all of our friends and family looking so happy. We've also had lots of compliments from friends and family. Jo was also a pleasure to work with - easy communication and super organised. We received our USB in the most lovely way and it was such a nice touch.

My top tip with the photos is to make sure you get one with your Mum. This is often forgotten about and was a piece of advice from a work friend. Towards the end of the night, I grabbed Jo and we went outside with my Mum for a few lovely photos together. 

Now, onto our wedding video which was organised fairly last minute. A couple of months before the wedding I realised that I 'needed' a video of the day. I just knew I would really regret not having one and spent ages looking at other people's and wanting one so badly. Chris really didn't want one, but I talked him round and told him it wouldn't be posed, or forced, and there wouldn't be a camera in his face (even though by the end of the night he was loving the camera!). The only issue was the expense as videographers are so pricy, but very luckily for us, my sister's girlfriend Isabelle mentioned that her sister would be happy to do it for the experience as she loves creating videos. So the wonderful Sophie joined us for the day (and also helped with Bridesmaids hair and many other things!) and created the most incredible video for us. It was cool, fun and captured the feel and tone of the day so perfectly. She's also sending us all of the footage and the speeches in full.

My top tip would be to get your wedding on video! If you can't afford a videographer, see if a friend can help out, or just ask your friends to film clips on your phone and send them to you. It's so nice to see the day as you forget so much of it in the wedding haze. And definitely record the speeches if you can. 

I hope you enjoyed these wedding posts - you can read all of them here.

Daisy x

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