Life: We're having a baby!

In August this year, we will be celebrating our one year anniversary and also....surprise! - the imminent arrival of our little baby! I've been pretty quiet on social media because it's been a tiring few months whilst our tiny one has grown (and sucked all of my energy!)- there will be a post coming up with how I've been feeling in the first trimester which is almost over as I'll be 14 weeks on Monday.

Probably worth adding that my pregnancy posts will likely be quite TMI so if you don't want to hear about all of that 'fun' then maybe give these posts a skip.

So how did we find out? Well, we had a weekend at our friend's house and my period was due that Saturday. It didn't arrive but on Sunday I had some light spotting which continued over the next few days. I was waiting for it to get heavier but it never did. I had some cheap tests from Sainsbury's (far left on the photo below) which a workmate had given me so decided to use one on Monday night. To my shock there was a faint line - I couldn't believe it and then started doubting the test. The next day I took a Boots test (in my work toilets!), and a fancy ClearBlue one. Both were positive and there was no doubt that I was carrying a little baby and it was the most wonderful, indescribable feeling. I wrapped up a test and gave it to Chris as an early Christmas present - his face was a picture. We were both so shocked as we knew we wanted a baby soon but didn't expect it this soon! Our little keen bean.

We had our scan last Tuesday and everything is looking good for the little one. We could see the heart beating and we had a trainee sonographer helping out which meant that we had more time to see the baby wriggling around. It was amazing to see how it reacted to being nudged with the wand and seeing their little legs. Chris is convinced that they have his cyclist legs!

We are over the moon and although it's quite scary too, we're so excited about this new adventure and I'm looking forward to posting about my pregnancy journey on my blog.

Daisy x


  1. Congratulations! Wishing you a healthy and uneventful pregnancy x

  2. Congratulations! Looking forward to reading more about your journey :)

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