Beauty: Spacemasks (aka the best thing ever)

Today I wanted to introduce you to Spacemasks although you have probably already heard of them as they are being raved about - for good reason. These are little foil pouches of amazing-ness!

Spacemasks are the most magical eye masks. They are very simple really, but have such an instant relaxing effect. You simply take them out of the pouch and as soon as you do, they start to heat up. Simply pop it over your eyes (there are handy ear loops to hold it in place) and relax. They are jasmine-scented too so it's just an all round dreamy experience.

I was suffering with a horrid headache this week so went to bed and put one of these on - within 2 minutes I was fast asleep! It really helped and they are especially good if you suffer with tension headaches or just carry a lot of tension around your eyes. Will definitely be taking them with me for the flights to and from Cape Town at the end of the month!

I buy my Space Masks from Beauty Bay (I love Beauty Bay- their delivery is so speedy!) and usually buy the pack of 5 for £15. You can buy one for £3.50 if you just want to give it a try too.

Daisy x

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