Pregnancy: 23 week update

I thought it was about time I post a pregnancy update as I've been very quiet around here! I'm now 23 weeks pregnant and will be 24 weeks on Monday. It's funny as the first trimester felt like it went so slowly but the weeks seem to be flying by now. 

The rumours were true about second trimester - at about 14 weeks I felt far more 'normal' and wasn't needing to go to bed early every night. I am still feeling tired but it's so much better than it was and I've actually had motivation to do things in the evenings and my social life has resumed somewhat! My body does keep reminding me to take it easy though. We spent two weeks in Cape Town at the beginning of April and after a couple of days of non-stop holiday fun I woke up feeling awful and had a few days where I had to miss out on some activities and just rest in bed. Luckily it passed but it's so important to remember that you although you can feel relatively normal, you're still growing a human!

Speaking of the little human, he or she is doing really well. We had our 20 week scan the morning we came back from holiday and it was amazing. Everything is looking good and we were told that we have a very active one on our hands. We are keeping the sex a surprise and I keep changing my mind about whether it's a girl or a boy! 

I have started properly feeling the baby now too. I had a few weeks of just feeling flutters, and funny little movements but now they are real kicks and you can see my stomach moving as they kick and move around. It's so surreal but so lovely - and quite distracting when you're in meetings at work! My bump definitely popped around the 20 week mark and my goodness, my boobs have grown. It's strange getting used to your changing body and I am just living in maternity jeans at the moment.

Now that we've had the 20 week scan, I've felt like I can start buying a few bits and pieces. My Mum kindly bought us a Snuzpod and we will be using the cot I had as a baby which has been lovingly passed around the family! I've been obsessed with watching newborn essential videos and making lists of must-have items but am going to try and hold back from buying loads until the baby is here and I'll know what I really need! 

Daisy x