Pregnancy: 33 week update

From left to right: 29 weeks, 31 weeks and 33 weeks

Tomorrow I turn 34 weeks so decided that a pregnancy update was well overdue, now that I'm well into the third trimester. I can't quite believe it, although when I think back to when I found out in December it does feel like a long time ago.

The bump is well and truly a proper bump now, with strangers often commenting on it and being offered seats without having to wear a baby on board badge. Baby seems to be having a lovely time in there too - at around 30 weeks I noticed the movements change from kicks and punches, to more stretching and rolling around. You can now feel little limbs (although can't tell what limb it is!) and see my whole belly moving. My friends got to witness this when we were in Germany recently for a wedding, and they couldn't believe it. I think it freaked one of the boys out!

At my 31 week midwife appointment my bump was measuring a bit small, so I had a growth scan on Friday ahead of my 34 week appointment next week. I wasn't too worried as know how common they are and my midwife said she didn't expect me to have a big baby, but was lovely to hear that everything was OK and they're perfectly happy with the size. The scan was so much less clear now it's bigger (almost 5lb!) but we could see the little one sticking it's tongue out and yawning which was so cute. I can't wait to meet him/her.

I'm still feeling pretty well but life is definitely getting more uncomfortable, especially with the heatwave we're having and having to commute to work. I was struggling yesterday as just couldn't get cool - the best place for me is being sat in the car! The bump just feels heavy and it's so much more of an effort to roll over in bed, or to put shoes on. I have hardly any clothes that fit but have bought a few maternity maxi and t-shirt dresses which I am living in at the moment. 

I need to wee what feels like every 5 minutes, and the baby loves to press it's head against my bladder, it's particularly annoying at night as our bathroom is quite far from our bedroom. Another thing that started in the third trimester was night leg cramps - they are hideous! It's only happened a handful of times but is the most awful pain and makes me scream. Luckily Chris is a pro now at quickly stretching them out. Apart from that though, I feel like I've been pretty lucky with my pregnancy - so far at least!

I'm feeling quite positive about the labour as have now completed the Positive Birth Company hynobirthing online course- I can't recommend it highly enough and it's a bargain at £35. Obviously I've not been through labour yet but it's been worth the money solely for how calm it's made me feel about it, and how much knowledge I feel I have now about how the body works. I know that the birth may not be straightforward but I feel like I've got the tools to cope with it, and that's a great feeling.

I've bought most of what we need now and there are just a few bits and pieces left to buy which I'll get when I go on maternity leave in 2 weeks. Can't quite believe there are only 9 days left at work for me! After being at my company for almost 7 years it's a weird feeling as they are really like a second family, but I feel ready for a break from it and to focus on a little person for a year.

Daisy x