Life: I'm back!

Hi guys!'s been a while. The last time I posted I was 33 weeks pregnant and now our little girl has arrived and has been in the world for almost three months!

Introducing our beautiful daughter, Florence Olivia who was born on the 18th August 2018 (such a great birthday); two days before her due date. I always thought she'd be really late so it was quite a surprise. This photo was taken when she was a week old - she's grown just a little bit since then! 

A lot has happened since my last post.  I finished work (walking out of the office was so strange!) and the next day, we moved up to Lincoln so the following few weeks were spent getting the new house ready and settling in. It felt like home very quickly as we'd had it mostly painted before moving in and had new carpets, wardrobes and flooring put in - so felt like we'd put our stamp on it. I really enjoyed my month of maternity leave before Florence arrived - it was spent doing lots of house shopping with my Mum, painting, sitting in the garden (although not for long as the heatwave was in full swing!), watching lots of Love Island Australia and enjoying getting the house, and nursery all homely. Nesting was in full swing! 

Since Florence has arrived we have been adjusting to our new life and spending 90% of our time just staring at this tiny little being that we created. It's the best thing ever! Yes, it's tiring and life is very different, but it's also made everything so much more fun. Moving up here and having family nearby has also been invaluable and has helped make it a whole lot easier- it was definitely the right decision and Florence has been showered in love since being born.

Now that life has settled down, I feel like I'm brimming with words and want to share lots of posts about this crazy new world I'm in - from my birth story and hospital bag contents, to the best newborn buys. It's going to be very baby focused as that's my life at the moment but hopefully it will be useful for anyone pregnant, or with children.

Let's do this!

Daisy x

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