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Although I hate how dark, wet and cold winter can be, I also love how it gives you an excuse to curl up on the sofa and watch lots of TV. Here are a few programmes that I've been enjoying recently and would recommend. I think all of them can be found on Netflix, although Succession may be on Amazon Prime.

I watched the first couple of episodes halfheartedly but by episode 3 I was hooked! It's a 6 part documentary following the Navarro Cheer team in their quest to win another state championship, but what makes it is the kids and their stories. I cried at the last episode and now follow all of them on Instagram.

Succession follows a family who run a huge global media business. It's a comedy/drama and the characters absolutely make it. Their wealth is fascinating and it sounds like it's been very much based on real life global family businesses. 

This show is quite slow and you have to stick with it a little bit, but it's a really great watch. It follows two FBI detectives who start interviewing serial killers to try and find out why they did it, with most of the criminals based on ones in real life. There are two series and I think I preferred series two. Unfortunately there are no plans for a third!
Love is Blind
This seems to be constantly trending on Netflix at the moment and it's definitely a guilty pleasure. If you like Married at First Sight you'll love this as the couples start their relationships by chatting to each other without seeing each other, and only once they get engaged can they properly meet. It's cheesy but very addictive.

The Stranger
Another show that everyone seems to talk about. I can't say much about it as it's one that you just have to watch to see it all unfold - it's one that you have to binge watch and is a bit crazy but very enjoyable too.

What shows have you been enjoying recently?

Daisy x

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