Life: 10 Sustainable Changes I've made

Since having Florence I have become far more conscious about the environment, sustainability and how we can make small (or big) changes to our lifestyle to help. I love how sustainability has become so much more prominent and that brands are being more conscious, as well as there being so many more sustainable options to choose from. Here are 10 sustainable changes that I've made over the past year or so in the hope that it may give you some inspiration.

1. Cutting out meat - from the reading I've done, this is a change that has one of the biggest impacts on the environment - if everyone did meat free Mondays it would make a huge difference. In January I decided to stop eating meat for the month, and 6 months later I am still doing it. I still eat fish but can't say I'm missing meat.

2. Cheeky wipes - I ordered the all in one kit from Cheeky Wipes when Florence was around 15 months old and wish I'd done it earlier. I'm planning to write a whole post about them but essentially they are reusable wipes which I use to clean her bum! They work so much better than normal wipes (especially on poo) too. You can buy Cheeky Wipes here and get 15% off when you spend over £40 with this referral link*. On a similar vein, when we started weaning I cut up lots of old t-shirts into small squares which I simply wet and then use to clean Florence's face before adding to the wash. This saves on using wipes (so is also cheaper) and is far more gentle on her skin.

3. Using an Ecoegg Laundry Egg - my lovely fellow Lincoln blogger friend Caitylis convinced me to buy this after saying how good it is. My Mum has also used one for a long time. It is a replacement for laundry detergent and fabric conditioner which uses two types of natural mineral pellets encased in a refillable egg. I don't find it is as effective on stains so I sometimes alternate using this with a detergent but overall am impressed! You can buy one here and I've also seen them in Aldi recently.

4. Period pants - something I didn't think I'd talk about on the internet but here we are! I've made the switch to the Modibodi period pants* and love them. They work so well, are so comfortable and will save me a lot of money in the long run.

5. Reusable make up pads and flannels - when I cleanse my face I massage in a cleanser and then use a hot flannel to get all of my makeup off and simply throw it in the wash - I use flannels to remove eye makeup too as my cleanser doesn't agitate them at all. My Mum made me some reusable makeup pads (you can see how she made them here) and I have started using these for applying toner which works well.

7. Secondhand kids clothes and toys - although I do love buying new pieces of clothes for Florence, I've found so many lovely clothes on Facebook marketplace. People often sell bundles and although you sometimes have to do a bit of searching, you can find some really amazing stuff. I bought an amazing large bundle for Florence for £25 and it was filled with clothes from great brands like Next, JoJo Maman Bebe and Noa Noa. I've also found lots of toys and equipment on there such as a baby Nutribullet weaning set, a Joie Serina Swivel swing and a jumperoo (which I have now sold on). I would always prefer to buy plastic toys second hand and charity shops are a great place to look too.

8. Buying more intentional gifts - we have changed our approach to presents in our family a little. We like to buy each other gifts that they really want or need, or more of an experience present. For my birthday I had wanted the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser* for ages and so asked for this - my family clubbed together and it was great to just receive one gift that I really wanted.

9. Using the library - I used to love visiting the library when I was younger and would spend ages just browsing books but somehow forgot about it when the ease of Amazon and my Kindle came into my life. A few months ago I joined the library again and I love it. I don't go and browse (Florence is a bit of a liability in the library!), but will instead reserve the books that are on my GoodReads list and then just go and collect them when they arrive in. It's obviously closed at the moment and I'm really missing it, and have spent a lot more money on books!

10. Beeswax food wraps and reusable baking tray liners - my Mum made some Beeswax food wraps* for me and they're great! A great alternative to using cling film and they look a lot prettier. I've also been using reusable baking tray liners* to save on buying greaseproof paper so much.

I hope you found this list useful - do let me know what sustainable swaps you have made as I love getting ideas!

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Daisy x

Food: Tanya Burr's Triple Chocolate Cookie Recipe

Over the past few months I've loved getting in the kitchen and baking. This is one of the recipes I tried and oh my, these cookies are incredible. If you like gooey cookies with a tonne of melty chocolate oozing out of them then these are the ones for you. The recipe comes from Tanya Burr and her book, Tanya Bakes, which you can find here*. 

So here's how you make them...


  • 200g butter
  • 300g caster sugar
  • 1 large egg
  • 275g self-raising flour
  • 75g cocoa powder
  • 100g white chocolate
  • 100g milk chocolate
  • 100g dark chocolate


1) Pre-heat your oven to 200°C/180°C fan and line a baking tray with greaseproof paper - you may need two baking trays.

2) Cream together your butter and sugar until combined.

3) Add your egg and give it a mix before adding the flour and cocoa powder. I added the flour in smaller amounts so I didn't get it everywhere! If the mixture is looking a bit dry you want to add a splash of milk.

4) Break the chocolate bars into chunks of whatever size you like - I like big chunks. Add them to your cookie dough and mix it up.

5) Roll the cookie dough into evenly sized balls and place onto the baking try - you want them to be the same size as the palm of your hand so pretty big.

6) Put them into the oven for 11 minutes exactly. When you take them out they won't feel at all ready but trust me, this is key for a truly gooey cookie. Leave them to cool for around 40 minutes and they will harden up and you can then enjoy with a cup of tea. Enjoy!

Extra notes

  • If your mixture is a bit dry and you add a splash of milk, don't add too much. I did and although it didn't affect what they tasted like, it made rolling them into balls a lot more messy as the mixture was more wet.
  • I like to half the mixture and put half in the fridge or freezer, ready for another day. I love having cookies fresh from the oven. 
  • You can choose whatever type of chocolate you want for these cookies - I know some people use chocolate orange pieces or bits of crunchie. I like milk and white the best.

Daisy x

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Life: 10 Silver Linings to Lockdown

I have to of course preface this blogpost by saying that I would never have wanted this whole situation to happen but for me, there have been a few silver linings to come out of lockdown so I thought I'd share for a bit of positivity!

1) It's been so lovely to have weeks of time of just Chris, Florence and I. We adore our families and see them a lot, and if we had a quiet weekend we would rarely stay home and chill but would drive ten minutes down the road to see my parents. We love doing that but it has also been really nice to just be the three of us and to really feel settled as a family of three. Florence has adored having so much time with both of us. We've also made an effort to eat together at the weekends and is something that we will continue as I'm a big fan of sitting around the table, eating and chatting. I also like how when you eat at 5pm, you have the whole evening free and don't have to worry about dinner!

2) The slower pace of life. I think a lot of people would agree that the slower pace of life that has been forced onto us has been really refreshing. My calendar which was filled with busy weekends and weekly appointments was instantly wiped out and it made me feel so calm! I love having adventures and things to look forward to but it's been nice to just know that the day will be spent chilling in the garden and going on a long walk. We don't have to go out and do anything.

3) Finding a new hobby. With the extra time that I found myself having, I wanted to do something that wasn't just watching lots of TV and scrolling on my phone so after seeing my friend Holly share a paint by numbers that she'd bought, I decided to order one for myself and I have enjoyed doing it so much! I set it up in our dining room and would put on a podcast and immerse myself in painting. I'm really rubbish at freestyle painting so having a guide is perfect for me. It's also turned out so much better than I thought! Apparently these kind of hobbies are great as they require concentration but aren't difficult, and you are achieving something too. My next one is on its way to me!
My Paint by Numbers masterpiece! I bought mine from this seller on eBay
4) Aside from the first week when Florence was poorly, she has been blissfully free of illness. Not even a sniffle! No germs from nursery or soft play has been wonderful - although slightly nervous now about what it will be like when she is faced with them again!

5) Time for the house. Having more free weekends has meant more time to do things around the house - we have jet washed the patio, put up pictures, painted our gates and have done lots of gardening.

6) Having Chris home all of the time. In 'normal life' my husband Chris works and stays in London two nights a week and since the end of March he has been back home with us full time and it's been so nice! Especially now we are into the swing of it and have a nice routine going.

7) Catching up with friends much more. I've never had so many catch-ups with friends - we keep saying that it's crazy that it's taken a pandemic for us to start having video calls. Usually it takes months to find a free date to meet so it's been a bonus having everyone readily available (on the most part!). It's calmed down a little now but I've enjoyed the many quizzes and a highlight was definitely the virtual horse racing that my friend arranged for his birthday. We all got very into it!

8) Saving money. I don't know about anyone else but we are managing to save money every month. It makes sense seeing as we aren't paying for our bigger outgoings like nursery, Chris' train tickets and petrol. Most of it is going on Amazon panic buys and food! It's been a lovely plus side to be able to put money away.

9) Getting to know our neighbours. We have been in our house for a couple of years now but I feel like we have really got to know our neighbours over the past few weeks and I love the community feel we have. I've had so many chats with neighbours whilst on our daily walks and the weekly Thursday clap has been a great little moment.

10) Appreciating the little things. I think overall, lockdown has taught me what is really important. Chris' parents asked us what we had been missing the most and for me it's 100% the family time - seeing Florence with the people who love her most brings me such joy and I can't wait to have those moments back in our lives. It's also taught me how much I love the little things like having my hair highlighted and popping into my Mum's for a cup of tea! I can't wait to be able to enjoy these things again.

Daisy x

Beauty: Let's Talk Beauty Pie!

I first heard about Beauty Pie over a year ago but didn't pay it much attention - Florence was so little and beauty products were one of the last things on my mind, but a year on and with more time to focus on my skincare I started noticing the name popping up on Instagram. I then put a message on my Instagram story asking for recommendations of products from the brand and they came flooding in - I wanted a piece of the pie!

So how does it work?

Their website explains it a lot better than I will but essentially, it's a beauty membership where you pay a monthly fee to access Beauty Pie products at their member prices. Each membership level has a corresponding monthly spending limit based on typical prices (this is what a similar product would cost in the 'outside world')- so I pay £10 a month and get a £100 spending limit. If I order one product which has a typical price of £50 then that will use half of my spending limit - even though the product may actually only be costing me £10. This is what took me a while to understand but as soon as you're on the site, their spending limit bar helps makes it super easy. Any unused spending limit will roll over to the next month and you can upgrade your spending limit if you want to order more one month.

Why are the products so cheap?

Beauty Pie was created by Marcia Kilgore who is a legend in the beauty world and who had the idea that she could buy products directly from the supplier and essentially sell them directly to the consumer at a much cheaper price by cutting out other costs such as shop space, celebrity endorsements, retailer markup etc. All of their marketing is online and they have a great social media presence.

What have I tried so far?

I received my first order in April and it was a very exciting day. Your order arrives in a gorgeous pink box and all wrapped in pink paper - it really is a delight to receive. I am a huge fan of the Beauty Pie packaging - it's simple but looks gorgeous. 

First up in the order was the Super Retinol (+Vitamin C) Night Renewal Moisturiser. I've not used a retinol before but know how great they are meant to be for anti-ageing and the prices on Beauty Pie make them so accessible and wonderful for 'beginners'. I've been using this every night and enjoy the light tingly feeling it gives. It's too early to see a difference with my skin but I'm really liking using this. The typical price for this is £75 and I got it for £11.46.

Another skincare product I bought was the Japanfusion Pure Transforming Cleanser and I absolutely adore this. It's so lovely to use and leaves my skin feeling great. You can use it to remove all make-up but I'm a stickler for my hot cloth cleanser, and so use this in the morning or in the evening if I've just been wearing SPF. You just massage it into your skin, add a little water to make it all milky and then wash away. The typical price is £25 and I paid £7.54.

Next up is the Ultralight UVA/UVB SPF 25. I've heard that it's one of the best face SPFs out there and I'm really impressed. It sinks in easily and you can't tell you're wearing it - there's no ashy look to your face, or shine. I think I will be repurchasing this again and again and wearing all through the year. I've seen that they are releasing a new SPF in factor 50 which will be great for summer months. The typical price is £35 and I paid £9.95.

I also ordered the Super Healthy Skin Sheer Tinted Oil-Free SPF20 in light. This is the product I've been least sure about as I love the finish of it and how glowy it is, but I don't like the feel of it on my skin. I'm going to keep using it but don't think I will buy it again. The typical price is £28 and I paid £6.71.

Lastly is the Superbrow Fine Precision Pencil in Blonde Girl. This is just like the Anastasia Brow Wiz and takes two seconds to apply. Will definitely be repurchasing this. The typical price is £17 and I paid £4.43.

I've had another order this month with a couple of face masks and a lip oil but I will share my thoughts on them in another post after I've had more time to try them. Overall I have been so impressed and am excited each month to place my next order! 

If you want to use my referral link you will get your first month of membership free (and I'll get an extra £50 of spend allowance). Just use my link here or enter 'DAISYSENTME' in the refer a friend box at checkout.

Daisy x