Parenting: Florence's 21 month routine

I meant to do these posts regularly after posting Florence's 5 month routine but hey ho, 17 months later and here we are - we're now on her 21 month old routine! Obviously her routine is slightly different with being in this strange lockdown world (is it called lockdown any more?! Probably not) in terms of what she does in the day but her naps etc are all as they would be regardless. She's been in this routine for a while now and it really works for her, and us - I love having a structure to the day. This is based on a weekday routine when Chris is working (from home at the moment).

7am: Florence typically wakes up between 6.45 and 7.45 but usually it's around 7. She went through a spell recently of waking up at 6 (I suspect because of the light mornings) and it was way too early for us but luckily we have some temporary black out blinds* which we put up and that did the trick.

Chris gets her out of her cot and she comes into our bed and will read a book and then watch some TV on my phone with her morning milk - her current show of choice is Postman Pat but we have had months of watching Waffle the Wonderdog.

8am: Chris will take Florence downstairs for her breakfast whilst I do half an hour of cleaning or get myself ready. I'll then take over for the day at 8.30.

9.30/10: Florence is quite unusual as she has her nap in the morning. I did try moving it to lunchtime but that totally backfired and she ended up not napping at all! Morning is what works for her and I won't be messing with it again. She will usually nap for 2-3 hours.

12.30/1: When she wakes up I'll get her dressed if she isn't already, and we will have a little play upstairs before going down to get lunch. Typical lunches are courgette fritters, cheesy scrambled egg and sandwiches

2.30: Occasionally she will have some quiet time in her cot around now. If she's had a short morning nap she may even have a second nap (the dream!) but if she's not tired she just chills with her comforter for half an hour. Hopefully it will mean that when she drops her nap completely she will still have quiet time in her room. If we are doing something in the afternoon she can miss this cot time with no issues.

The afternoon is generally spent playing in the garden or going on a walk, or popping to my parents house now that we can meet in the garden.

5: Dinner time! Typical dinners are salmon, potatoes and veg (she won't eat much veg), cream cheese pasta and meatloaf (random but she loves it).

6: I'll give her some milk and we will snuggle on the sofa for a bit of TV. This is one of my favourite parts of the day.

6.30: We'll go upstairs and start her bedtime routine. She has a bath most nights and then we'll read a book in her nursery and she'll go down to sleep with her comforter.

7: She is usually in bed by 7

Hope you enjoyed seeing Florence's routine at 21 months old - I will try and not leave it 17 months for the next one!

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