Pregnancy: Baby number two is on the way!

We are so happy to share that baby number two is on the way and will be joining us in March. It's also so nice to be able to tell people now, as I found out at 4 weeks and so it's been a long wait! Luckily having a toddler has meant it's gone a lot quicker than it did with Florence as there is no time to think about it too much!

We had the scan a couple of weeks ago and luckily Chris was able to join me (although had to wait in the car before and after). So grateful as I know so many are having to have them alone - and things are changing every day at the moment. The relief to see the baby wriggling around (and they were dancing all over the place!) was amazing.

Second time pregnancy feels so different to first time. First time round everything is new and its all so unknown - from pregnancy to thinking about having a newborn. I'm loving the feeling of knowing what is happening and going to happen, and feel so excited to meet this little one.

Florence obviously doesn't understand it properly but she does love talking to the baby by pressing her face into my tummy and chattering away. There are lots of kisses for them too. She adores babies and I can't wait to see her as a big sister. She will be 2.5 when the baby arrives.

Number two is due in March so I'll be experiencing a winter pregnancy this time round. With Florence I was pregnant all through the 2018 heatwave so I'm quite looking forward to wearing big jumpers and keeping snug on the sofa.

As for the sex, we are going to have a surprise like we did with Florence. I loved the moment of finding out with her although the planner in me would love to know so I know whether I will be using Florence's old clothes! My symptoms have been exactly the same as with Florence which makes me think girl, but I have a feeling it's a boy!

I've got a couple of posts going live soon with how my first trimester was and symptoms in my two week wait (I had a few!) and plan to share lots of posts about pregnancy second time round. 

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