Pregnancy: The First Trimester

If you read my earlier post or saw my post on Instagram, you'll know that we are expecting baby number two in March! I'm now 15 weeks so am in my second trimester and it is lovely to be starting to feel a little more normal, although I'm still having to take naps when Florence is napping so am hoping that will ease up a bit soon.

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I started writing a diary with my symptoms so that I could share them on here. So let's whizz back in time to those early weeks and the first trimester...

4 weeks

I'm writing this the day after we found out I'm pregnant so very early days. The first symptom I noticed about a week before my period was due was that my boobs felt heavy and were pretty sore. I always needed to go to the toilet a lot, felt ridiculously hungry (and nothing would satisfy it - it was constant hunger pangs), felt slightly nauseous and also so tired. I had to take a few naps in the day to get me through which I haven't had to do for months. When I look back at my symptoms with Florence they were almost identical! 

I held out from testing until the day my period was due and used a first response. With Florence I tested a couple of days later and even then the line was so very faint, but this time the line appeared in about two seconds and was so strong - I couldn't believe it. 

6 weeks

I'm now almost 7 weeks and my symptoms have stayed pretty similar. I've been really tired and find it hard to make it through the day without a nap. I've also come down with a cold (I suspect from Florence's nursery) and that has not been fun as I've been a snotty mess and can't take any of the good cold medicine. My appetite has been small but could be related to the cold. I went to Aldi this evening and bought a few things I've not bought in forever like spaghetti hoops and ready made mash potato. I was also craving tiger bread with lots of butter so that went in the trolley! 

I haven't had any sickness but random things make me feel like I'm about to vom - like a strong smelling cheese. We stayed in an AirBnB this weekend and there were a couple of rogue hairs and a dirty mug in the apartment - it made me feel awful.

8 weeks

We told our parents and my sister around 7 weeks and it was amazing. We asked Florence where the baby was and she pointed to my stomach - it was so funny seeing the penny drop. My Mum had been suspecting it but it even took her a little while to click! They are all over the moon and I can't wait to tell more people when we have had our scan. 

I am still feeling pretty tired and usually have a nap when Florence is to get me through. I don't feel like I'm much fun at the moment! Getting to sleep at night is also taking me longer and is annoying as isn't something I usually have an issue with.

My appetite is smaller than usual but I have to eat frequently as there's a very thin line between hunger and nausea. I've had a few days where I've felt quite sicky but it's not been too bad and nothing compared to what others have. I've been having round ligament pains a little bit too, especially when I sneeze. Something I had forgotten about from last time.

On the whole I'm feeling very similar to last time and although I have a toddler to look after, I'm so grateful to not have to commute and work in an office all day.

12 weeks

The tiredness has eased up slightly and I don't seem to be having as many odd rough days which is good. I'm still having naps every so often but generally feeling more normal. One symptom I've had this time round is insomnia which is so annoying as I love my sleep and usually have a solid night. I'll either wake up for an hour in the middle of the night or wake up before 6am and can't get back to sleep.

We have just had our 12 week scan and it was amazing to see the baby wriggling and dancing around! It wasn't in the right position to be measured so I had to do a few star jumps to wake him/her up - luckily it did the trick and my due date has been moved to a couple of days earlier than expected. Chris was able to come into the scan with me but had to wait outside before and after. He had about two hours in the car whilst I met a midwife and had my blood taken etc - I've not missed the regular blood tests and urine samples.

I'm definitely showing earlier this time, especially in the evenings and have had to start wearing maternity clothes a lot earlier. I have to admit, I'm loving being able to wear pregnancy jeans again!

You can read my first trimester diary with Florence here.

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