Pregnancy: The Third Trimester

I meant to post this during my actual third trimester but time ran away and now it's May and I have an 8 week old (how?!) baby girl next to me. So here's a little throwback post to when I was 39 weeks pregnant...


So here we are - I'm writing this at 39 weeks pregnant and can't believe we are nearing the end of pregnancy and will be soon meeting our little baby cheese. The past few weeks have just flown which is strange with us being in another lockdown.

I've found the third trimester a lot more uncomfortable than I did with Florence - but then I have to remind myself that I wasn't running around after a two year old, could have leisurely mornings in bed and nap whenever I liked!

I have had two growth scans in the third trimester although everything has been absolutely fine and it's been because of a rogue fundal measurement which then threw off all future bump measurements. I was seen really quickly both times and it was lovely to see baby on the scan again. Apart from that everything has been going smoothly at all of my checks and him/her has been head down for weeks now.

The bump is feeling pretty big and heavy, and this baby is such a wriggler. Watching my belly move has been pretty crazy as you can almost see the limbs poking out! When we speak to the bump, the baby responds and they love music!

Third trimester tiredness has been a real thing this time and I'm back to having to nap most days to get me through. I'm also needing a wee a zillion times a night, and in the day too. I will leave the house for a walk and have to come straight back to have another wee! I'm so looking forward to being more comfortable again when baby is here, and being able to sleep better too - even if I will be getting less of it!

Everything for the baby has come down from the loft and has been freshened up - today we set up the Snuzpod and it was so strange to think we'll be doing it all again. Can't wait to meet you baby cheese!

Pregnancy: 5 tips to survive being pregnant and looking after a toddler


Being pregnant whilst also looking after a toddler has made pregnancy very different to the first time round - Florence was almost two when we found out we were expecting! In my pregnancy with Florence I could take it easy when I needed to, keep my head down at work and sleep all weekend if I wanted to. I also didn't have to bend down a million times a day to pick up toys and to lift her up. Although saying that, it has been nice not having to commute and not being pregnant in a heatwave this time!

Here are five tips to help survive being pregnant whilst also looking after a toddler. I have had a straightforward pregnancy with no sickness and just tiredness mainly (and the usual aches and pains) - obviously it is a total different ballgame if you're suffering with bad morning sickness!

1. Sleep when they sleep

You have to grab those moments when you can rest and so try and sleep when your toddler sleeps. I have been very lucky in that Florence loves sleeping and her naps. In the first trimester I would always go back to bed when she went down for a nap and it would help me get through the day, and I have done the same quite a few times in third trimester as tiredness has reared its head! I would also go to bed early. If Florence didn't still nap I would have been in bed at 7.30. 

2. Play with toys that encourage independent play - or that allow you to rest up

Encourage lots of play with toys where your toddler will play, or mostly play independently. Florence loves Duplo and Magnatiles so these are always a good call if I just want to sit with her rather than having to do too much. She also loves tea parties, playing in her kitchen and making me ice creams with the Melissa & Doug ice cream counter - all which mean I can sit and let her serve me! I am also a big fan of playing doctors, and also the 'lets put Mummy to bed' game where I can lay on the sofa!

3. Use the TV when you need to

Pregnancy (or a pandemic) is not the time to feel guilty about screen time. It's a great tool for giving you half an hour to chill on the sofa. During my third trimester we have got into a nice routine of watching TV around 4pm. Florence will happily sit with some raisins and watch the TV whilst I usually have a quick 20 minute nap! It has really helped me get through the day.

4. Involve your toddler with your pregnancy

It will depend how old your toddler is as to how much they understand. Now that's she's almost 2 and a half, Florence does seem to understand that there's a baby in my tummy and will often cuddle the bump and chat to 'baby cheese' which is what she has called the baby - she did get a shock when she was hugging it and baby did a big kick! We've been talking to her about being a big sister, and asking what she thinks of names so that she feels as involved as possible, and so it won't be too much of a shock when baby cheese arrives. 

5. Don't put pressure on yourself 

I think it's important to constantly remind yourself that you are pregnant, and that you need to take it easy and to not put pressure on yourself. Some days I've felt really ropey and haven't been able to tick anything off my to-do list and I've felt so unproductive but have to keep reminding myself that the most important thing is listening to my body. 


Sending love to anyone else who is pregnant, especially at the moment during this strange time. 

Lincoln: Stokes Coffee Innovate with their Takeaway & Delivery Service

Stokes Coffee Lincoln innovate with takeaway and delivery service

This is a paid and gifted partnership with Stokes Coffee

During this strange time that we're living in it's so nice to be able to support local businesses and help promote what they're doing (which is why I love running the Lincoln Bloggers UK community so much!). I'm delighted to be working with Stokes Coffee to share more about their takeaway and delivery offerings and to talk about the delicious afternoon tea that I was treated to. Hopefully this will be of interest to my Lincolnshire based readers.

Here's more on what Stokes Coffee are offering

Lincoln residents are elated to hear that Stokes Coffee now offers their quintessential English cafe experience at home.

In the face of the current pandemic, businesses have been encouraged to adapt their approach, which is why long-standing Family based company, Stokes Coffee decided to provide their much-loved coffee, tea and comforting meals for take-away & delivery.

Fourth generation MD, Nick Peel, and the team were determined to continue working alongside the Lincoln community and local producers. Just because their cafes had to shut did not mean they wanted to stop providing the very best for their customers during a time when those more frequent visits to your local cafe were not as regular. 

Stokes are also connecting with local support and community groups, so individuals can collect hot meals for those vulnerable members of the community who are shielding and isolating.

Bringing the Stokes Experience to your home

The take-away and delivery service focuses on bringing the cafe experience that many of us know and love, into the comfort of our own homes.

They offer fine and fresh, locally sourced ingredients while maintaining the responsibility of being kind to the environment. Their home cooked and home baked food is designed to satisfy everyone in the Lincoln community, as they can still bring an essence of the ‘Stokes experience’ into their homes.

Here is some of what they currently have on offer - 

  • Breakfast
  • Brunch
  • Lunch and British Classics
  • Gluten Free Menu
  • Omelettes and Salads
  • Grilled Sandwiches
  • Sandwiches & Gluten Free Sandwiches
  • Kids Menu
  • Cakes, Scones, Etc
  • Tea & Coffee to Infuse

Within their classic English menu, Stokes offer an abundance of their well-known dishes, including vegan and gluten-free options.

We are having to adapt how we traditionally celebrate special occasions and find new ways to make the days special. With Valentine's day soon approaching, the Stokes takeaway experience can provide you and the one you love with a beautiful selection of delicious dishes and treats made with the finest, locally sourced, produce including traditional breakfasts, elegant light bites, afternoon and cream teas (subject to availability) seasonal specials and hearty main meals. Which can be enjoyed together, or even virtually.

Whether you are planning to celebrate Valentine's Day, an anniversary, Mothers Day or simply as a pick me up, the Stokes Afternoon Tea provides the perfect luxury. 

The takeaway service is available on JustEat, where you have the option to have your British classics delivered to your door, or collection is available at The Lawn Cafe, situated within the Stokes Coffee roastery in uphill Lincoln. 

Opening Times -

Delivery: Monday - Sunday - 09:00 - 14:30 

Collection: Wednesday - Sunday - 09:00 – 14:30 / Monday & Tuesday - CLOSED

My afternoon tea

Stokes Coffee Lincoln afternoon tea

Afternoon tea from Stokes Coffee Lincoln

Afternoon tea from Stokes Coffee Lincoln

I'm a huge fan of afternoon tea and so I eagerly picked up my tea for two on Thursday morning. I arranged a time slot and collected it from The Lawn Cafe which was very straightforward - if you live closer to the centre then you can have it delivered to your door via  JustEat which makes it even more convenient. 

I had specified my dietary requirements beforehand and Stokes were very accommodating and I could choose between getting coffee or tea as part of the tea. It was put in a lovely box and was a real treat to open - as you can see in the first picture, the top layer contained all of the gorgeous cakes and there was also a bottom layer with the savoury food such as the sandwiches and mini quiches. I was also given napkins, wooden cutlery, two teabags, two mini jams and two pots of clotted cream. 

I couldn't fit all of the afternoon tea onto my stand as you get so much food, which is brilliant. Savoury wise, we received smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches, cheese and pickle sandwiches, mini quiches and sausage rolls. It all tasted great but I was a particular fan of the cheese and pickle sandwiches as the pickle was just delicious! 

The sweets were just as tasty with a big selection of treats from a fruity cheesecake to macarons. The fruity cheesecake was a favourite and also the little lemon slices. The size of the sweets was perfect as sometimes I can find it a bit overwhelming. And of course, afternoon tea wouldn't be complete without scones with plenty of clotted cream and jam. Yum.

Overall, it was such a lovely treat - which is what we need at the moment, and would be a perfect way to celebrate an occasion and to make that little bit more special, as well as supporting a local business which is something that is so worth doing at the moment. Thank you Stokes Coffee!

Pregnancy: The Second Trimester


This blog has been very neglected over the past few months but I wanted to make sure to write a post about my second trimester of pregnancy as I love looking back on these posts. 

I'm now 32 weeks so well into the third trimester (it's all feeling very real now) and feeling very heavy and achy, but for the most part the second trimester was pretty smooth sailing! It was a lot less tiring than the first although I did find it harder to get up and move around than I did when pregnant with Florence. There have definitely been more aches and pains this pregnancy! I invested in a BBhugme pregnancy pillow (second hand on marketplace for almost half the price and in great condition - winner) and it has been one of my best ever purchases - I don't know what I would have done without it! I was finding it so hard to get comfortable and this really helped.

I started feeling movements around 15 weeks which was earlier than I did with Florence although I did have an anterior placenta with her which mean you can feel movements later. The baby is super active and decides to party hard when I go to sleep which can be a bit distracting! Although they don't get hiccups at all which is funny as Florence always had them in my tummy - and gets them a lot now when she laughs too much. 

Speaking of Florence, she's loved seeing my bump grow and has named the baby 'baby cheese'. She has been pressing her face to it and chatting away. And when we came home from our 20 week scan she pointed to the ultrasound and said 'baby cheese!' which I was pretty impressed with. 

Our twenty week scan went well and all is looking good with the baby. It was amazing to see him/her wriggling around on the screen and feel kicks at the same time. Chris was allowed into the scan with me too which was good as I know lots haven't been able to because of the pandemic. We are going to have another surprise although it was so tempting to know at the scan! I feel like it's a boy but I did with Florence so who knows. 

We have a few girls names on our shortlist and a couple of favourites, and we have a few boys names but are finding them much harder! We might just get Florence to choose - baby Cheese does have a ring to it!