Pregnancy: The Second Trimester


This blog has been very neglected over the past few months but I wanted to make sure to write a post about my second trimester of pregnancy as I love looking back on these posts. 

I'm now 32 weeks so well into the third trimester (it's all feeling very real now) and feeling very heavy and achy, but for the most part the second trimester was pretty smooth sailing! It was a lot less tiring than the first although I did find it harder to get up and move around than I did when pregnant with Florence. There have definitely been more aches and pains this pregnancy! I invested in a BBhugme pregnancy pillow (second hand on marketplace for almost half the price and in great condition - winner) and it has been one of my best ever purchases - I don't know what I would have done without it! I was finding it so hard to get comfortable and this really helped.

I started feeling movements around 15 weeks which was earlier than I did with Florence although I did have an anterior placenta with her which mean you can feel movements later. The baby is super active and decides to party hard when I go to sleep which can be a bit distracting! Although they don't get hiccups at all which is funny as Florence always had them in my tummy - and gets them a lot now when she laughs too much. 

Speaking of Florence, she's loved seeing my bump grow and has named the baby 'baby cheese'. She has been pressing her face to it and chatting away. And when we came home from our 20 week scan she pointed to the ultrasound and said 'baby cheese!' which I was pretty impressed with. 

Our twenty week scan went well and all is looking good with the baby. It was amazing to see him/her wriggling around on the screen and feel kicks at the same time. Chris was allowed into the scan with me too which was good as I know lots haven't been able to because of the pandemic. We are going to have another surprise although it was so tempting to know at the scan! I feel like it's a boy but I did with Florence so who knows. 

We have a few girls names on our shortlist and a couple of favourites, and we have a few boys names but are finding them much harder! We might just get Florence to choose - baby Cheese does have a ring to it!

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