Pregnancy: The Third Trimester

I meant to post this during my actual third trimester but time ran away and now it's May and I have an 8 week old (how?!) baby girl next to me. So here's a little throwback post to when I was 39 weeks pregnant...


So here we are - I'm writing this at 39 weeks pregnant and can't believe we are nearing the end of pregnancy and will be soon meeting our little baby cheese. The past few weeks have just flown which is strange with us being in another lockdown.

I've found the third trimester a lot more uncomfortable than I did with Florence - but then I have to remind myself that I wasn't running around after a two year old, could have leisurely mornings in bed and nap whenever I liked!

I have had two growth scans in the third trimester although everything has been absolutely fine and it's been because of a rogue fundal measurement which then threw off all future bump measurements. I was seen really quickly both times and it was lovely to see baby on the scan again. Apart from that everything has been going smoothly at all of my checks and him/her has been head down for weeks now.

The bump is feeling pretty big and heavy, and this baby is such a wriggler. Watching my belly move has been pretty crazy as you can almost see the limbs poking out! When we speak to the bump, the baby responds and they love music!

Third trimester tiredness has been a real thing this time and I'm back to having to nap most days to get me through. I'm also needing a wee a zillion times a night, and in the day too. I will leave the house for a walk and have to come straight back to have another wee! I'm so looking forward to being more comfortable again when baby is here, and being able to sleep better too - even if I will be getting less of it!

Everything for the baby has come down from the loft and has been freshened up - today we set up the Snuzpod and it was so strange to think we'll be doing it all again. Can't wait to meet you baby cheese!

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