Lincoln: Kitchen design guide from Katie Brown Kitchens

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Are you currently feeling inspired to innovate your kitchen space? At the moment, I'm all about home decor and renovations as we are hopefully starting a long-awaited extension next year. I am always on Pinterest and getting inspiration from Instagram, and of course one of the most exciting things we will be doing is getting a new kitchen. When Katie Brown Kitchens got in touch I knew I had to work with them on a post - my friends have used them and have been really impressed and they have the most beautiful collection of kitchens with all of the special touches you want when you're planning a new space. 

Having a kitchen that compliments your home's aesthetic and design is important to any homeowner, and in this guide, Lincoln based kitchen designers, Katie Brown Kitchens showcase some of their top design projects to help inspire your design choices for 2021.

Contemporary twist

With kitchen design, you are not limited to either traditional or modern.

This Beverly shaker design offers a contemporary twist on the original shaker style, with sloped internal profiles and prominent v-grooves.

When adding contemporary elements to your kitchen style, it can help add a more versatile and unique look to your kitchen design.


Looking for a classic chic and stylish kitchen design choice?

Adding simple elements to your kitchen design can be the perfect accompaniment to a classic and sleek kitchen.

With this Wilmslow shaker kitchen design we offer simple detailing that was complemented with designer accessories to offer a modernised look.

The contrast in colours and elements chosen also works perfectly for smaller kitchen spaces, as it helps to bring in more natural light flow, alongside innovative storage solutions.

An adventurous design

This stunningly vibrant kitchen design captures the true essence of sleek and contemporary.

The beauty of kitchen design is that you are not limited to what colour preference you have, whether you prefer more neutral tones, or vibrant bright colours, there's always a way to make colours work with one another.

In this kitchen design in particular, we have incorporated vibrant greens and oranges, alongside a bold navy kitchen island to add depth into this design layout.

At Katie Brown Kitchens, we always recommend that you can have an environment that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Adding personality to your home

The finish to your kitchen doesn't just have to stop at one colour.

In this futuristic kitchen design, we created a cool iron paint finish that offers an ‘industrial’ look.

More modern kitchen designs are now bringing even more to the table (quite literally) with new innovative design techniques and additions that work to create a kitchen space you would not find in any other home.

About Katie Brown Kitchens:

Located in the Pelham Centre, Lincoln based kitchen design company, Katie Brown Kitchens go to great lengths to offer the very best in kitchen and bedroom design. 

Every step of the way, their team of expert designers are at hand to create every client's dream kitchen.

At the Katie Brown showroom you’ll find a passionate team of in-house designers that offer a range of skills and experience. 

You can also take advantage of their online design tool, where you can design your dream kitchen within a matter of minutes.

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